August 13, 2007

From the high to the meh with Annie

Picture makes me go ahhh, song does not. Dark Road was played on British Radio today and I was a bit disappointed to find it's as the title suggests - a sort of midtempo, therapy thang. Much like the music on Bare, an album I liked but don't need more of. I am still "chuffed" for the album and I imagine the song will sound good in context.

Judge for yourself, right now:

Annie Lennox Dark Road WM stream


The Richard said...

I do know what you mean, it's not the wet-your-pants electronic number everyone would have loved. I confess I did not enjoy Bare, but I do instinctively warm to this (despite "come in from the cold"!).

That previous album made me feel like I was eavesdropping on somebody else's therapy session, but this song feels a little less isolated than that. There are some gorgeous melodies here we haven't heard her sing in a long while, "...leads to my house..." and "...didn't get there by itself..." at the end particularly. And I love the final twinkling fade.

It's not orgasmic, though, (and that's the sort of material she should be putting out, nothing less) so I do hope this single is not the high water mark of the entire record.

Paul said...

hmmm, this puzzles me. it's more safe middle of the road than i would've liked, though actually I did like Bare, i thought it was rather lovely. However, I am still excited for more Annie. Her output (Eurythmics withstanding) is almost as slow as Kate Bush