August 4, 2007


That's the enigmatic Darren Hayes yukking it up with Justin Shave, his producer (who also did Antigone's forthcoming debut). It's only a matter of weeks until Darren's double CD is released. While Madonna is running around chasing trends with Timbaland, Darren and Antigone are doing what The Queen used to do best: collaborating with a talented newcomer.

Darren is also blazin' trails with his promotion, being creative and risky with the way he "births" this album. He basically leaked two single-worthy tracks earlier this year (I love that!) and he's been using myspace, youtube and bloggers to get the word out. He did an early interview with Instinct and recently one with the EQ blog. just did a big chat as well.

Darren's new single On The Verge... has a live version of a beautiful new ballad called I Just Want You To Love Me. MAJOR vocal on that one. It's very gay pride-ish and still very personal.

So, do the math: four good tracks from the CD with 21 more to go and word from my Deep Throat is that the album is very, very good. For the unaware, it has one the prettiest titles of 2007: This Delicate Thing We've Made.

Below is a video of Darren showing off his big package in what looks to be an airport... Hmmmm. Who would have thought it could be that amazing?

Last word: Play this to hear the new music for the tour version of older song that's sort of like therapy set to a beat and synths. Watch the original. This new version sounds like Fergie's Glamorous, doesn't it? D'luvly noted this in his concert review a few weeks ago.


countpopula said...

Great post about Darren Hayes. I really didn't care for the first post-Savage Garden work, but the last album was very good, and upon hearing some of the new CD, I am VERY excited. It sounds like he's finally finding his true voice (along with his sense of self), and the results are pretty overwhelming. Looks like DELICATE THING WE'VE MADE has the opportunity to be a more pop-worthy and less navel-gazing version of George Michael's scattered PATIENCE (laying off the pot might help). I think this may end up being one of my favorite albums of the year. Thanks again!

Paul said...

i think i have this thing built in me that switches off when i'm "meant to like" an album. It happened with PSB - fundamental, when all the magazines and music critics were saying how ace it was and essential, then Robyn and now Darren Hayes. It's annoying too cos i want to like these albums, yet this stubborn part takes over and starts thinking "you don't have to like these albums just because they are critically acclaimed!" hahaha clearly i have mental health issues :P

D'luv said...

You'll always have McFly, Pablo :P

Paul said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha! god bless em

countpopula said...

Paul, I have to agree with some of what you are saying. I work in a CD store where I am constantly hearing new stuff, and I tend to be very critical upon first couple listens. Funny how stuff like Robyn, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Patrick Wolf end up being some of my favorite records when initially I hadn't really given them the time of day.

I think we live in a world where mediocrity reigns supreme and we are predisposed to expect the worst. It's the pleasant little surprises that allow us to alter our perceptions and grow, and sometimes it just takes a little time and some getting used to.

Plus, I think XO has impeccable taste...

xolondon said...

The Count has impeccable taste for thinking I have impeccable taste.

It's funny b/c I only like 2 songs on Spin (I Miss You and Insatiable) and barely know his second CD, but I really like all that I've heard thus far.

Paul, you like what you like! Don't feel bad. I don't do show tunes and feel no guilt for it. :) Robyn does not surprise me, but Darren does a little bit. Maybe when the CD comes out you will find something you like.