July 11, 2007

XOvision: The arriving beauty queen

Siouxsie Sioux Into A Swan
How to make a video with no budget. Just some effects, a lot of slap and much star power. This song should do well for Siouxsie, who - like her goth pop compatriot Marc Almond - just turned 50.

Sophie Ellis Bextor Today The Sun's On Us
Wow. Not my favorite from Soph. It sort of squanders the location (unlike her Catch You video) and she looks creepy in the shower scene. The effect is of an ill person forced into a shower. This single is a mistake IMO. It is not a summer song and If You Go could have had some great mixes launched on the web.

Mark Ronson & Lily Allen Oh My God
I've recommended this video to so many people that I decided to post it here. A cute Jessica Rabbit moment. The best bit is obvious, when Lily slinks over to the table and slurps the drink out of the glass with a straw.

Alicia Keys Love (live at Live Earth)
Alicia performed this new song from her Oct '07 album (I think called As I Am). Word is that this song is a collaboration with Linda Perry and the chorus does suggest that. Alicia looks great! If you don't have her Diaries album, it is near perfect. The kind of album Annie Lennox should make.


Talia said...

Ooh i didn't realise the video was out yet, but the SEB single is such a terrible, terrible error.

I'd have gone for Love Is Here

D'luv said...

Sorry, not feeling the Siouxsie song. I do like a lot of her older stuff, though.

xolondon said...

Love Is Here is a great summer radio song, true. D'luv will agree.

I prefer the more pop Siouxsie, but this song had guitars and guitars sell.

Kiss Them For Me is my fave Siouxsie song and I think that one is more an aberration in her catalog.

D'luv said...

My faves are "Dear Prudence," "Cities In Dust," "Peek-A-Boo," "The Passenger" and "Wheels On Fire." And, yes, I realize a majority of those are covers :P

Unknown said...

KISS THEM FOR ME is my favourite too (well, alongside Face To Face - amazing!). Not hugely enamoured with the new single but maybe it is a grower.

I must say, however, as someone who does NOT condone the release of TODAY THE SUN'S ON US -the video is great. I really like it. Sophie looks gorgeous and the thing flows quite well, all things done.

XO, I hope that your maxim about "guitars sell" may apply in SEB's case as well.

countpopula said...

I can't get enough of the Siouxsie. Such a strong vocal and lyric from and artist with definite influence on Bjork, Shirley Manson, and Goldfrapp to name a few. I think the driving, aggresive nature of this song suits her perfectly as a mission statement. Wish I would look & sound that great at 50!

15 undeniable Sioux classics:
Hong Kong Garden
Cities in Dust
Trust in Me
The Killing Jar
Standing There (as the Creatures)
Kiss Them for Me
Face to Face
Interlude (w/Morrissey)
Cish Cash (w/Basement Jaxx)

And this barely scratches the surface...

xolondon said...

I like the Beatles cover too. I had that single back in the day.

I totally forgot about Interlude. That's fairly rare and certainly blogworthy. I need to remember to post it.