July 5, 2007

Three for Thursday!

Ghosts Stop
Ghosts have a number of songs vying for my top songs of the year, but this one is in the lead now. All that's missing from Stop is an exclamation point on the title. Not yet chosen as a single, this has an 80's London fizziness. There's something so very pleasing about the jagged bassline working against those bells that chime out the singsong melody - one that vaguely recalls Tenderness by General Public. And the stop stop stop echos at the end? How I've missed the echo effect...

Get it via iTunes UK or hear it on their myspace

Arctic Monkeys Diamonds Are Forever
Alex Turner is fast becoming one of my favorite people in rock. He's sort of the Harry Potter of Britrock/pop. I love how he sings, looks, his lyrics, and his essential Britishness. This week his band did a fine cover of this James Bond tune at Glastonbury. It was worth it just to hear him sing the words kiss it, stroke it and undress it. These boys need to get a covers EP out pronto. Watch a high quality video of it.

Bryan Ferry All Along The Watchtower
I know!? I had this idea that Ferry's Dylan covers would be faithful-yet-sleepy versions of the craggly man's songs. I was wrong. Positively 4th Street is redone as a crooner smooth classic from Avalon-era Roxy Music (hear it here) and Watchtower has some great guitar work. It's not groundbreaking, but it's about as incendiary as the dandy Mr. Ferry gets these days. Or is he a Sir at this point?

Get it via iTunes UK or iTunes US or maybe Hype Machine


Paul said...

hahahahaha i love that comparison - the harry potter of britpop. the more i listen to his lyrics and interviews the more oddly charming and attractive i find him,,,

Adem With An E said...

Oh Mr. Turner... that was such a joy to watch. I tend to think of him as more the Ron Weasley of pop though, but that's probably only because I think the both of them are as charming as the other.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Arctic Monkeys. Nice cover of the song.