July 21, 2007

Quote Of The Week

From DaddyCool, on the Popjustice Forums talking about the new Girls Aloud single Sexy! No, No, No...

I think I have played it too much. I always do it and I always regret it. I need to leave it alone for a few days now. It's like masturbation. Girls Aloud are like a wank. Biology being a ''Oh my god, I came in my eye!'' kind of wank and Long Hot Summer being a ''Was that it?'' type.

Hear the jizz-inducing song here. Official video not out yet.

photo from Irish Times, 2007. Click to make it huge.


D'luv said...

Girls Aloud! No No No

Anonymous said...

Nadine makes me feel funny in my tummy (even if she did beard for Jesse Metcalfe).