July 11, 2007

OMG! Baby Uggs!

Bitchin' Gwen, Gavin The DILF and L'il Man Kingston went to a playground in LA. Could that kid be any cuter? Look at his great little Uggs! Much like Crocs, I think Uggs look best on children.

click to enlarge pics


D'luv said...

That playground is at the park I go to for lunch a lot. I recognize the construction tarp on the fence in the second picture, because they're renovating the school next door. She and Gavin and Kingston sat behind me earlier this year at a restaurant near there, too, called Hugo's, in Studio City.

xolondon said...

Really? You should take a kickball out there at lunch and maybe Gavin will play with you. He might like your ball. Gwen can watch.