July 4, 2007

La Bex on location

That's Sophie Ellis Bextor shooting her new Bonnie And Clyde Go Icelandic video for Today The Sun's On Us. Not my favorite song on the CD, but a different style for her. One can hope for more good b-sides.

In another bit of Sophie trivia, she just finished a string of dates opening for George Michael and never met the man. What does that say about him? He was probably running 1) to his stash of weed or 2) into a gay garden at midnight to have it off with a random 60 yr old lorry driver...

Yay Soph, Boo George!

pic from Sophie's site

1 comment:

D'luv said...

I like all the songs on the album, but wish "Love Is Here" woulda been the third single. I'm doubting there'll be a fourth one, especially after MAMI peaked at #23....unless this new one charts high.