July 14, 2007

It's bigger than Harry Potter.

On September 3, Girls Aloud release their new single, Sexy! No, No, No
New album in November. Music is saved.

UPDATE: An interview last night with my favorite (by far) Girl, Nadine Coyle, on Irish TV's Saturday Night With Miriam. Pt 1 is below and pt 2 is here. She's really gracious given what this Miriam woman puts her through and she has the most insane accent... she's in Gayrls Alod, finishing her turr and she loves Ayreland. At the end of the piece she sings a few bars of Fields Of Gold. The original video of that, from 2001, is further down - if I had seen it live on TV at the time, I would have cried like a baby for an hour afterward. When she finally releases that song as a single, she will be rich rich rich.


Fields Of Gold:


Paul said...

Something kinda OOH! How exciting :) But bigger than Harry? I've seen equus so i challenge that statement :P PS with regards to your post below, i annoyed darren all weekend by walking round quoting that kate nash lyric. Fit-tah! Love it!

Adem With An E said...

That is the best news I've heard all year.

D'luv said...

Looking at the picture...when did Posh join this skank troupe?

Unknown said...

Bejesus! That was a tough interview and she handled it SO well.
Much excitement on the new single front. They were ace on the Greatest Hits tour back in May - I hope they tour again for the new album.
The fourth quarter looks like it is going to be ace, musically!

Adem With An E said...

My favourite Nadine Popstars performance is definitely "Show Me Heaven." Goose bumps every time: