July 24, 2007

Your lovely eek and your lovely riah

Perhaps you saw this on a certain gossip site (that I read with much guilt). That little minx Patrick Wolf, probably high as a kite, came pretty close to full frontal onstage in Cologne. This is a dinger-free video, but almost not.

I did used to say he had a certain rentboy quality! There's nothing wrong with a little - or a lot of - skin, but the irony of this, after his recent public slam on Mika (Patty called him a twat) is boringly au courant. Celebs doing silly shit to get attention. Patty needs to go to his little Cornwall house on a cliff before he slips all the way into media whoredom with his friend Peaches Geldof.

He's made it so easy to forget there is a truly amazing album he's touring for.

Let's move on. Nothing to see here, heh heh! Patrique just did a tender review of Lily Allen for the Times.

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