July 13, 2007

I know that I should let go, but I can't

Kate Nash Foundations

I recently had a proposition for spooning. Specifically. Spooning. And I was thinking later that so much of what's really going on with dating, hooking up, or the variations on that theme, has more to do with human contact than it does with anything more... prurient. It may be subconcious. I've witnessed people stay in bad relationships because of the things that no one sees. So much of a relationship is completely private - cuddling, whispering, lying around, resting a chin on a shoulder. People find it hard to walk away from that. In the end, what's more real? The arguments or the sweetness?

This is what Kate Nash's hit UK single Foundations is about - certainly the video makes that point. For a long while I was bovvered by Kate's similarities to Lily Allen, but this song is undeniably strong. Lyrically, melodically - and the video is an actual piece of filmmaking. It has some great, fleeting details, like when she's decorating the cake and he's taking off the raspberries. The way she looks at the goldfish when she sings "in front our friends." Or the spooning watches.

My favorite lyric? Isn't it obvious?

You said I must eat so many lemons, coz I am so bittah.
I said I'd rawther be with your friends, mate, coz they are much fit-tahh.

Oh yes, she is 19 years old.

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Phil said...

There are loads of lovely touches in the vid aren't there; the way the toys all turn their backs for the 'embarrassing our friends' line. Cute as! Oh, and if she doesn't want that boyf, I'll have 'im!