July 16, 2007

Glad I came here with your pound of flesh

Courtney Love is a walking cadaver. A zombie. A Keith Richards. She is now so emaciated that whatever she is doing to keep the weight off is creating the same kind of facial wasting (of fat) that HIV drugs cause. Watch part of the incoherent interview above, from London on July 7, and look at her sunken cheeks and maybe you'll see what I mean.

Now, I am a huge Courtney fan, but she needs to eat. It is pointless to do a diet (or whatever) like that because it cannot be sustained. She also needs to run to the dentist and get rid of those awful veneers. They're what's creating the weird toothy/horsey look. Hillary Duff had them for awhile and got them fixed. Last I saw, that country girl Leann Rimes had them too. Horrid.

Let's look at Court in her prime...

Still can't wait for her record. Courtney needs to keep the focus on the music. If she'd chill on the obsessive body drama, people like me would not be commenting on her weight. I'd say she's ready to star in a bio about Janice from The Muppets, but that would be a slam on Janice.

I sheepishly admit I saw this video on Perez.


DanProject76 said...

Zombie Janice!!!!! Eeek!

She does like to talk, doesn't she? I shall blame Boel Fielding from The Mighty Boosh as he seems to be her new 'special pal' and he should have tucked her up in bed.

Weirdly, I was listening to Malibu yesterday at work and was pleased to remember when Courtney actually did music rather than just scare people.

D'luv said...

Babe, Courtney didn't get that thin by not eating.

I've always wanted to see Thailand, myself.