July 3, 2007

Free Prince single. Meh.

Prince is offering his new single Guitar for FREE on 7 Digital for one week. I didn't have to log in or any of that shit. Go here now.

I am not sure what to say about the song. It seems kind of pedestrian. You may know what I mean when you hear the first verse: it's kind of da-da-da. His music tends to fall into 2 categories these days: 1) James Brown funk jams that are very simple and 2) tracks were he's clearly trying to go for his 80's guitar sound, but the new songs lack the gorge complexity of old songs. I just cannot imagine him doing something as strong as Alphabet Street or The Question Of U or even I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man these days. He just seems stuck. The last song I really loved by him was ten years ago, Holy River. That was the genius Prince.


Jason said...

Meh, indeed. The last really catchy thing he did, in my opinion, was "Dinner With Delores"... eleven years ago. Sad.

Paul said...

I can't stop playingthe Diamond and Pearls album right now. I'll wait for his album to be free with a sunday paper over here in a couple of weeks time :O

countpopula said...

I kinda liked "Black Sweat", but that was the only real good song from 3121. Musicology was kinda boring. I haven't really been pleased with an album since Emancipation, and even that had it's share of throwaways (what wouldn't at 3 hours running time?). Gold Experience was the last truly good album beginning to end...what's that, 12 years?