July 18, 2007

The Feeling update: American English

Dan and Richard in Richard and Sophie's house (the "shoe room") tinkering on the new Feeling album, which sounds like it will not be out in 2007. Anyhoo, the caption on the blog says, "In vests." Is that what the Brits call wifebeater t-shirts? We would not want to call them wifebeaters in this case, since we know who Mrs. Richard Jones is. Speaking of...

Sonny, Sophie and Richard Jones in London. How cute. However, Sophie's whole ensemble is a bit questionable. The coat with the dress, the nurse's shoes. We'll let her off the hook because she has solid fashion karma.

Another grammar issue noted on The Feeling blog: the newly bearded Richard refers to an event he took Sonny to as "family orientated."

British English: Family orientated.
American English: Family oriented.

Now I suppose British English is the Mother Tongue and we should follow it, but in this case I am with Los Americanos.


The Richard said...

Those Feeling boys are wearing "wifebeaters" indeed. Am unsure of the wisdom of them unless a loose flappy short-sleeve shirt is worn over them. The possibility of sudden armpit-exposure is too high.

As for the other, I am obviously going to disagree with you. "Orentation"... as in finding something or related to something. "Oriented"... sounds like someone hung up a Chinese lantern.

Paul said...

I am with tricky! Speak the mother tongue damn you, hehehehe.

Vests are indeed wife beaters and the boys look strangely allruing, like they are on community service release from the local clink (prison!)

SEB and co may be the premiere family in Britian!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. It is always great pleasure to read your posts.