July 19, 2007

Blather de musique

This week was the release of Suzanne Vega's amazing new album called Beauty & Crime. Note that it was produced by Jimmy Hogarth, Sarah Nixey's man-about-the-house. Read my review here.

Alison Sudol just released her debut album, One Cell In The Sea, under the "band" moniker A Fine Frenzy. It's a great album, but if you just want to sample some tracks, try Lifesize (very Keane-like), Come On Come Out, Rangers and Almost Lover.

Hard Fi's new single Suburban Knights is a big-ass disappointment. Watch the video here. The album better make up for this one.

I've heard Sexy! No, No, No... by the now-royal Girls Aloud and it's a fine track, if not groundbreaking. I am sure it will grow on me. Fuck, even Something Kinda Ooh grew on me.

Did you see how well Sara Bareilles's album did on iTunes for 6.99? Read it here in the WSJ. Record companies take note! I am writing my review of the album right now, but let me just say it's a debut fantastique.

I agree with Zeon that Aussie band Sneaky Sound System has potential. He has their song UFO and the album is on iTunes.

Tonight I heard some decent Alexis Strum songs (from the unreleased Cocoon) I'd never heard before. A reminder to all peeps that Alexis has a new band called Bo Pepper that has potential to have the same kind of crossover indiepop impact as Dragonette. They have a great tune called Buses.

Speaking of which, where is the Dragonette album?

Delayed albums. That reminds me: I can't wait for everyone to hear this song by Amerie called Crush. On the one hand it's a great Madonna-circa-1985 pastiche. On the other hand, it has one of the most shiteous vocals I've ever heard on record. Girlfriend cannot sang. Amerie must've spilled some Dom on the autotune that day.

Forthcoming albums I am currently frothing for: the Verve's forthcoming reunion, Roisin Murphy, Richard Hawley, Darren Hayes, Alicia Keys and Kate Nash. The last one is a wild card. I detest her first single and love her second.

I am recently wandering back to Bedingfeld. Natasha's NB album has some tracks that might have passed you by before. Smell The Roses is my current fave - go back and check it out.

Homeclectic introduced me to Amy MacDonald, an earnest 19yo Scottish girl (let's hook her up with lippy Paolo Nutini for a Live Lounge duet of Endless Love!). See his post about Amy - various other bloggers I read have covered her too. I love all the songs Homo posted and recommend her new single, Mr. Rock'n'Roll, which you can watch here. Album out in like 2 weeks.

As per usual, I changed my mind about the Prince album being potentially good. Will do a mini-review soon. I do love the rap/funk song Chelsea Rodgers, though. It sounds like it could have been on the stamen-as-cock covered Lovesexy.

In the end, only one thing really matters. And it's not love. It's the news that there is a $240 box set for Captain & Tennille coming out soon!


Adem With An E said...

I'm VERY pleased to see someone else talking about Sneaky Sound System. The album has done incredibly well here in Oz and they've released it independently, which they're planning on doing for the UK release too.

Album's a mixed bag, but definitely listen to "I Love It" and "Pictures" which I think you'll really love.

Adem With An E said...

That is of course me stupidly assuming you haven't heard them when you probably have!

Paul said...

a-maz-ing post mr xo. So much music to catch up on. I quite like the hard-fi track though it pales in significance next to tied up too tight. Girls Aloud is slowly growing on me. They are partially magnificent. You have exactly the same feelings towards Kate nash as I do, and i find amy macdonald quite lovely. Check out her Mr Brightside cover on youtube... i *may* go and see her live in a week or two...

DanProject76 said...

Chelsea Rodgers is pretty funky, isn't it? There are a couple of other corkers on there too. It was free, I can't complain!

Dan said...

I do like the GA song, but it seems to be missing a chorus - I kind of keep waiting for it and it doesn't seem to arrive as I'd expect it to!