June 30, 2007

2007 "Q2": The extraordinary

In alphabetical order, the Top 20 songs of the second quarter of 2007. Rules: Do not have to be singles, but one song by each artist only and the songs must be officially released (or released to me as a promo). The colored link will take you to a place you can hear/see the song...

Marc Almond Redeem Me
Antigone Life Without You
Sara Bareilles Gravity
Siobhan Donaghey So You Say
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Can't Have It All
Leslie Feist 1234
A Fine Frenzy Rangers
Garbage Tell Me Where It Hurts
Ghosts Stop
GoodBooks Passchendaele
Laura Michelle Kelly Jesus Was A Crossmaker
Mancini Up Country
Mandy Moore Extraordinary
Maroon 5 Makes Me Wonder
Mr. Hudson and The Library Upon The Heath
Pink Martini Hey Eugene
The Revelations I'm A Lover
Rihanna Umbrella
Tough Alliance First Class Riot
Rufus Wainwright Between My Legs

There are some notable absences here. What did I forget? Can you figure out who I wish was on this list, but didn't make it? Two women in particular.

Special Award Given Early for Worst Song of 2007: Madonna's Hey You (or, as I call it, Hey Poo) - a nadir in her career. We don't cut Madonna slack, okay?

Worthy albums, April to June: Ghosts, Rufus Wainwright, The Revelations (digital), M5, Mandy Moore, Feist, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Marc Almond, Siobhan Donaghey

What's coming in Q3: Dragonette, Antigone, Darren Hayes, Sara Bareilles, Suzanne Vega, A Fine Frenzy, Goodbooks, Crowded House, Richard Hawley (!), Hard Fi, Turin Brakes, and, it'll probably suck, but Prince.

Read my Q1 list here

photo, as usual, by Hedi Slimane from his blog


Anonymous said...

Nice list.
Two women? Mutya & Roisin? Or Bjork & Tori?

D'luv said...

Tori and...Patrick Wolfe? Or was she in March?

Love "Stop" by Ghosts!

countpopula said...

Has to be Bjork & Tori, right? I know you wouldn't belittle Roisin again...(one of my faves, you know)...

xolondon said...

Babe, if you think I belittled Roisin, you need to read my Janet Jackson reviews! The Roisin thing was MILD criticism of one song! Let's step out of that old bathwater now...

Anyway, the answer is Tori and Bjork. Tori COULD be on her with Teenage Hustling, but I'd be hard-pressed to pick a Bjork song that I want to play right now.

countpopula said...

Just kidding about Ro...I knew you wouldn't go down that path again. I can tell it's not like you despise the song. Glad you like Movie Star though. There was a short interview on BBC a couple days ago with Pete Tong that had a small clip of another album track, Let Me Know, that sounds absolutely aces!

Adem With An E said...

Some fine choices there, particularly happy Garbage are on that list.

As for Bjork & Tori... I'm finding the Bjork CD is starting to annoy me more with each listen, but Tori just keeps getting better. "Bouncing Off Clouds" is gorgeous.