April 14, 2007

Once You've Tasted Take That

Take That. The Brits were just shown on American TV last night (how timely), and I have a few comments on the above performance... and remember, most Americans have no idea who this band is, bar one song.

1) Why did they do this song when it might as well be Gary Barlow solo? I'd have preferred Shine, which came out as a single just after this performance.
2) I just found out tonight which one is Howard and which one is Jason.
3) There is clearly one member that is the best looking. By, like, farrr.
4) Two of them look like meth-heads (which does not cancel out looking good). One of them is pushing 40, so stealing Gary's donuts might help fill in some lines.
5) Little Marky Owen seems to be using a Springsteenian level of energy to simply go ahhhhh. See 1:05 and 3:00. He wiggles a lot!
6) Gary Barlow has an American accent, I swear. [when he sings, I mean]
7) Don't doctors do teeth whitening in the UK? These boys are rich. Get thee meth-head boys to a dentist.
8) Keep Robbie away from Take That. Does anyone else agree with this?
9) Yes, I know this post should have gone up on February 15.
10) One member is clearly destined to play Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. Which one, can you guess?
11) Kate Middleton will not be the next Queen Of England.
12) Barlow looks the same now as he did then: like a big ten year old.
13) Little Marky Owen has a very big mouth. But he looks less like an old crone here -he'd briefly lost his looks a bit last year.
14) Watch Howard in a speedo hosing himself down.
15) The guys, bar Gary, look better than they did here. Gary always looks the same to me.
16) Next single is I'd Wait For Life. Snooze. Make it the title track.
17) Russell Brand's "bio" intro is classic. Wish I'd written it myself.
18) I had a lovely dinner tonight and a lovely bout of food poisoning. I hope my 92 yr old nana does not experience the same.


Adem With An E said...

You should have seen how rough Jason & Howard looked during the Oz promo tour last month. Jason also looked like he hadn't eaten since Gary released "Love Won't Wait".

Gary's accent is incredibly British... in song, no, but when I, er, tracked them down last month (and fulfilled my teenage fantasy of finally meeting Gary, the man who made me realise I liked boys) he was thickly Brit in speak and an absolutely charming gentleman. Jason was not however, but that may again have something to do with the lack of nutrition in his diet being completely fed by a strong passion for the crack-pipe.

"Reach Out" or "Beautiful World" should be single number 4. I really love "Wait for life" though so I'm happy with the decision to release that, even if it is a little bland... but I'm big on the Gary solo's. It's kind of like Gary's own "Angels" really, don't you think??

Anonymous said...

You should ask all the people in Britain who are going to see Take That in concert this year. If take That are so bad to you why do so many people disagree? Mark sings solo- try "Babe" and "Shine". Howard and Jason sing backup and dance better than the others. If you do not like them do not watch them.

xolondon said...

Julie, what post did you read? I never said they were "so bad." Sure, there is more than a bit of skewering here, but the fact that they made my blog at all suggests that I don't hate them. [That's why I never posted on Fergie's Glamorous - love the song against my will, can't stand her]

I have sung my praise for Lil Mark Owen numerous times here. Beautiful World is a respectable album (against most odds) and both singles have been solid, but - again - America does not have the emotional association with this group that the UK and Europe (and Oz?) does.

Paul said...

oh dear. to Julie. to XO - now no one is a bigger fan of TT than me, except all those people who are bigger fans than me. This article made me titter muchly. I'm happy with the third single, though would have preferred Like I NEver Loved You At All. Reach Out is a great track too. Though really they should release Believe In The Boogie as the third single and that my friends is that.

D'luv said...

Yay, Julie! Gotta love when the fan-atics skitter out of the woodwork... that's what makes this all worth it. Reminder to do another Clay Aiken post soon...

Anyway, I give them kudos for doing "Patience" at The Brits, as that was the song they were nominated for. Usually bands or artists get flack for chucking their nominated song at awards shows in lieu of performing whatever their newer single is... Plus, being a big fan of wall-of-sound backing vocals, I think the guys all sound wonderful here.

And O My G... you should have seen Jason back when Take That was starting out...super hottie. I'd still give him a throw now.

Here's a clip of Pete Waterman's Hitman And Her dance party show from 1989, in which a teenage, pre-Take That Jason Orange was a regular dancer on....check him out in the red spandex and Boy London hat, breakdancing at about 5:04 in.... Klassic.

Phil said...

It is slightly amazing that without ever owning a Take That CD or even showing much enthusiasm for their tracks, I've gorra lorra love for these boys.

There's a connection way back when a friends of mine were fanatical to the point I HAD to like them, but seeing them triumphantly perform their massive Manchester gig on TV last year was a tearjerker and a half *sniff*

torr.typepad.com said...

yeah, I don't know what they're thinking release "I'd Wait For Life" as the third single, those are exactly the sort of Gary-solo snoozers that keep it from being a great album. The title-track should indeed be the 3rd single.

Anonymous said...

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