April 28, 2007

New music: Huski will be adored.

I do believe the singer of electropop band Huski actually has a head. Huski are a duo consisting of a dude named Pike Galloway and a doe-eyed female vocalist named Maple Bee - yes, you read that right - who is also a member of Mediaeval Baebes, where she is known as Melanie Garside.

Huski's debut album, Love Peace Pain, is quite diverse - there are synthy pop delights mixd with organic songs like the ballad Everything Changes. Urtica channels Pet Shop Boys with its love peace pain chant and squizzy noises. Other reference points are Goldfrapp on the stompy Make Me Your Picture (is she singing "rape me" at one point?!) and Pleasure (especially that band's Out Of Love). I am quite impressed so far..

The album is available on iTunes US and UK. Note they have an MP3 available for download on their myspace page.

Huski Undatow video
Huski myspace page / Maple Bee's website

Thanks to Martian Cowboy (aka David) for the tip!


Phil said...

I like Huski. The name. The music. They've been championed over on Electronically Yours too, those Human League fans; a bleep and a sequenced bass and they're anyone's! http://www.league-online.com/

And that cover is warped but fab!

D'luv said...

Yeah, I can dig it. Who was that band we were all about last month that came and went?

Chris Krakora said...

I've already got them listed as one of my friends on MySpace; they come as a cross between Goldfrapp and Scissor Sisters with some Madonna's "Confessions On A Dance Floor" thrown in as well.

Unknown said...

Haven't heard of them, but the clips on iTunes convinced me to buy. Thanks!

xolondon said...

Be nice Dluv!