April 16, 2007

Da da da da da dee da da da da

Much better than the album cover, but if you squint, it looks like she's being attacked by bugs.


Yuяi said...

Can this girl take a good picture??

This one looks like ticks or flies are crawling on her, and I've seen another where she has like diamonds or sand all over her face?? I mean, c'mon...the woman is gorg, so WTF?!

PinkieDust said...

I like it!!! Shes put glue on her face and stuff it in last years Christmas decorations box.

I've put my face in a lot worse.

xolondon said...

So we've read. ;)

PinkieDust said...


PinkieDust said...

I know this might sound odd. But

Can i ask how you got this name for this blog? I've always pondered such random. I can understand the Zapping, DontStopthePop, DirrtyPop but I don't understand the name for this one.

xolondon said...

There is a post on this topic, but I can't find it. When I started it in 2004, this blog had a name I didn't (and never) liked. At some point I wanted to change it to something that no one else would have.

If you read enough of my music reviews, I frequently carry on about the middle eight - or bridge - of song. A good song must have a good middle eight. So I just named it that. The other names I had thought of were taken or had nothing to with music at all.

PinkieDust said...

Ok, but would about the London and the XO?

I named my blog after a Julie Driscoll track which is about lots of hippy lovin' called A Kind of Love In. It has soaring vocals and an amazing base section. The guitar rift is taken from those wonderful news Tv shows of the early 1960s. Rather than a sleep-in or a sit-down Julie Driscoll wrote a song about harmony and peace based around love and togetherness.

And seeing as there are a few members posting on the blog I thought it would be a great name for it.

xolondon said...

Oh! I often sign things XOSA (as in love and my first and middle initial), so when I created that name (preblog) I just did it as XO London. Like, dorkily, I love London. What looks like xolondon (or might read as zolondon) is actually X-O-London.

PinkieDust said...

Thanks for that. I kinda got it off topic didn't I.

I thought it might be something to do with the the restaurant "Xo, London". Which is in London. There is also Xo-To-Go.

Its in Belsize Park and serves Chinese food.