April 7, 2007

The ceviche beneath my wings

So last night, aside from hanging with my friends Ron and Meg (both ubercool librarians who moved away... bitches), I sat near their friend who designed the wings Ugly Betty is wearing in this clip! I said this was pretty much "iconic" and I think she said (it was loud in the restaurant) they are on display somehwere in LA. That show is right on the money with their wardrobe, which adds a lot of humor to the scenes.

Meg also pointed out that this ep. contains one of Justin's finest screen moments (below). True, brilliant television in 22 seconds. There are many of these scenes on youtube. Am I right that Justin is kind of a milestone character on television?

PS to DCers, if there are any: El Tamarindo on Fla and 18th now sucks. Don't go there.


Paul said...

yay - my very favourite Justin clip! I do really adore him. The way he tap dances out of the room is so...me!! haha. Ugly Betty has just been a hilarious breath of fresh air this year, and your friend should be duly proud she created such an amazing iconic moment :)

babs said...

I've gotten kinda hooked on Ugly Betty myself. Yay your friend! The wings are pretty. Okay, I would never wear them, but that goes without saying. I'm totally loving Henry, but I've loved that actor since Popular. (Oh the shame) But, it's about the level of deepness you need at that time of the week. And I've given up on Grey's Anatomy because it was too insane.