March 15, 2007

You'd love to know what it's like

I don't need to explain why I posted this - I suspect that many of you have not seen the movie or the scene. Watch through to the end and you'll get it. I saw this film in London in 1996 - it's good, but incredibly menacing and pervy. Like me.

Just a reminder that Charlotte Gainsbourg's phenomenally cool album 5:55 is due out in America on April 24 with two new songs: Set Yourself On Fire (recently featured on this blog) and Somewhere Between Waking And Sleeping, a gorgeous track that's also on Air's new album with Neil Hannon doing the vocal.

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Aunt Phetamine said...

I rented this movie in a period of McEwan obsession... When the reason you posted this was finally released, I was amazed at how immediately recognizable the intro was.

It's still my favorite story of his and favorite album of hers. Thanks for the memory.

As always,
Aunt Phetamine