March 6, 2007

XOvision: Ghosts

New BritPop bands are like first dates: You can't help but say to yourself, "Hmm. Could this be The One?" And then you deny to your friends that you ever had those thoughts.

I dated The Upper Room and they dumped with me no warning. I fucked The Hours moments after we met and they never called again... And now we have Ghosts, who have previously flirted with Torr (thanks!), Hotstuff and Dirrrtypop. Their new single Stay The Night is pure heaven (especially that gorge my heart beats a little louder bit at 2:50). I love it and am clinging to the hope that this band lives up to its promise. For some reason, I get a sense they may have a shot at decent exposure. All will be revealed, kids, all will be revealed.

PS: In the analogy above, the overrated Field Music last as long as a handjob in a public restroom.


D'luv said...

I just made out with Ghosts and felt them up (a bit pudgy, which is fine) and grabbed their butt, too. I'll definitely return their call when they ask for a second date.

Bring on a way to download this amazing song!

xolondon said...

Don't expect a call from Ghosts. I told them you did the Dirty Sanchez for Hard Fi.