March 24, 2007

XOvision 5.0: Sock worship

Bloc Party I Still Remember:

Last year I got all swoony for The Upper Room's unrequited love song Black And White. This year that honor goes to this gorgeous new pop song by Bloc Party. I have been obsessing over this track for weeks, but never shared it until now. It is EPIC. "You should have asked me for it, how could I say no?" Le sigh. Read the full lyrics and then buy it!

Client Drive:

Thanks for your note, Ms. Client Kate. Your new single is quite the e-stim (electro stimulation) treat and the video is a decent version of what can be done with green screen. Note that Client feature's legendary Dubstar (watch this) vocalist Sarah. Also check out Lights Go Out

Bo Pepper Buses:

The video is clever - puppets in where, Blackpool? - but don't let the novelty thing block you from hearing the tune. Bo Pepper are a fun UK band with good song and a fantastic female vocalist. Buses is my fave track so far. Somebody sign them and make them stars! While we were apart, I was a sock puppet too...


D'luv said...

Bloc Party seem like a pack of dull wangs, but I will admit this song isn't as bad as the stuff on their first album.

Zeon said...

Have you watched The Hours' new video for 'Love You More'? It's lovely.

I think no one's got it on Youtube yet, so you can download it here.

xolondon said...

Thanks - I agree, it is good. I wonder if Damien Hirst did it? Grocery videos are certainly in vogue (see Travis)!

Zeon said...

No, Sam Brown directed it. He's the one behind those James Blunt videos and also those of Corinne Bailey Rae & James Morrison.

Anonymous said...

The Client video has made me go back to my Dubstar records which I have not listened to for yonks. I'd forgotten how delectable "Not So Manic Now" and "Stars" were.

*Sigh*. Thank goodness for pop.