March 22, 2007

Quote of the Week: Chris Noth

On the decline of the real New York as the whole city gentrifies...

What makes me really sick is how New York now looks like a bad imitation of Sex and the City. Meatpacking [District] is a good example of just how fucked up it is. You can’t have a city that’s interesting where the only people living in it are rich. When I came here as a kid, as a young adult, you could get lost—many different worlds collided. You cannot say that today.

- Chris Noth in New York Magazine

The inspiration for this post came from Varant's excellent post at Gravity And Fusion about one of his favorite Village record stores closing. I chose that pic because, like downtown NYC, Carrie became gentrified at the end of SATC, when the show abandoned any remaining city girl spunk for extreme wealth and icy internationalism. Mix-n-match, crazyass clothes were traded in for Mr. Valentino. [Note: sometimes I talk about Carrie as if she is real.]


Adrian said...

But she went back to New York at the end. She was a NY girl all along.

babs said...

I agree with this quote and your assessment about the gentrification of SATC. And I also talk about Carrie as if she is real. And the subject of SATC as a marker for our society. Like I keep saying, "It's like that SATC episode." I do have issues with Carrie anyway, but she did become majorly different as she aged and her hair become straighter. And I started getting annoyed at SJP.