March 27, 2007

Hands up to the ceiling

Tracey Thorn's CD finally came out in America and she was slightly mobbed at a disco in Miami last week! Good for mom to get a night out. My review is coming soon. She looks amazing in the piccie above... that haircut looks expensive.

Dolly Parton: Tricky saw her in London and his post is a hilarious must-read! Sadly, he did not meet her, which is unusual for him...

Maroon 5: I have never been a fan, but I quite like the single Makes Me Wonder. The chorus has a vaguely Max Martin quality. Can anyone else hear that? Wongie has album deets because he's been chatting with Adam et al.

Tori Amos: Disappointed in Tori's single choice and album cover, assuming we have seen the actual cover. Zeon, I concur.

The Lady Sarah Nixey is finishing a new video and it's quite droll. See Sarah's disembodied head hanging upside down! See Sarah crawling around in a bathing suit! Coming soon to your computer.

Pleasure: Popjustice interviewed Fred Ball, who utters this gem about Bertine Zetlitz: "She's just had a child. I'm going to meet it in Norway next week."

Rufus Wainwright: I have heard his new abum and it's very, very good. Will post on it as soon as I feel its kosher. Between My Legs is a masterpiece and, suffice it to say, fans will soon be imitating a certain 70-year-old Welsh actress.

Gwen Stefani forgot her lipstick on American Idol. How strange. She looka lika ol lady. Melinda tore it up with Heaven Knows btw. Just give her the contract now.

Pet Shop Boys are releasing their concert DVD, Cubism, and Euphoric has the details. I hope some fine chap will make me MP3s of the live versions of Home And Dry and Flamboyant. My review of the show is here.

Bjork: Note that mysterious comment says that the cover is not the one I posted. So, is the actual cover better?

Amy Winehouse: Wongie is on it this week and reminds us that Amy did a Carole King cover for the Bridget Jones 2 soundtrack.

Last note, thank you to everyone who comments on this blog!


The Richard said...

Tracey Thorn at a disco? Can you imagine. I hope they played Tainted Love or something else suitably electronic and doom-ish.

Still reeling from how amazing Dolly was. Will do better next time on the meet 'n greet front. However, it would have been impossible, I fear: I suspect that by the time the applause faded, she was already in her bulletproof Mercedes on the WestWay heading for the Dorchester.

Phil said...

I've sat on that chair! Ha! Tracey's in The Perch an old pub converted into a photographic studio in Camberwell, south London. Very nice it is too.

Loved Dolly's 'chatter' on Tricky's blog. Vare, vare funny. Esp. the bit about the expensive tix. My fella wanted to go but balked at the price.

xolondon said...

Tracey Thorn is cool as cucumber...err.. dipped in tequila!

Phil: I suspected you are actually an indie pop star doing photo shoots, etc. You almost let it slip there.

Phil said...

I wish. I'll just say Blazin' Squad and leave it at that. hahahaha

Paul said...

how exciting that wongie has a) a brilliant name and b) the down low scoop on the new M5 album. My anticipation is at fever pitch. Seriously.

PS - don't forget little Rufie is on the Meet The Robinsons soundtrack with a quite nice ROb Thomas song :)

Anonymous said...

Tracey's album is ace. I have only had it for about a week but I can't stop listening to it. It's All True is still my favourite but I dare say there is no dud song on the record. Well done.

I share the concerns about Tori. The album cover leaves a lot to be desired and she really ought to have gone with Bouncing Off Clouds as the first offering from it. I am, however, prepared to be pleasantly surprised once the album drops. Maybe it's not ALL as bad as the early reviews would have us think. Maybe.

Incidentally, I have just come back from Kate Nash's gig here in Manchester - you should check her out. Her debut Double-A-Side single 'Caroline's A Victim/Birds' is brilliant. Not sure about her new one, Foundation, but she has an astonishingly good track called DICKHEAD which is immense. Unlikely to get any radio airplay because she swears like nobody's business, but she was excellent live.

Blimey. I seem to have written a War & Peace length comment. I shall shut up now.

Oh. It's Kristen Again. *sigh* said...

oh man - gwen on idol... with NOTHING to say. I mean besides

Um, that was like totally more awesome than I expected it to be.