March 1, 2007

Friday Mix: Never stop the action

Four songs that create a mini-mix to take you into your weekend: 2 classics (according to moi), a sweet remix and an edgy new bside.

Bryan Ferry The Right Stuff expired
I bought this album, Bête Noire, when it came out in 1987 - the cover is fantastic. There is something very world music-y about this song, but I can't break it down into elements that would lead to that description. Bryan is the sultan of swing, the king of cool, but I only really like certain songs by him.

Charlotte Gainsbourg Set Yourself On Fire expired
CG is the ultimate Parisian girl. This track is an outtake from her uber-moderne 5:55 album with Air. He burnt his bridges, she burnt her bra...

Grace Jones Slave To The Rhythm expired
In the 70's and early 80's, Grace was vogue. This Trevor Horn collaboration, with a gravitas laden introduction by Ian McShane and bio by Jean Paul Goude, is one of my top ten favorite songs of the 80's. It's 8-and-a-half minutes of glamour packed with a booming male chorus, Chic-esque guitar, gorgeous stabs of orchestral bliss and, of course, Grace intoning both sternly and sexily. It probably works best when driving very fast from the suburbs into the city at night. A bridge and reflected light on water should be involved.

Pet Shop Boys Miracles (Lemon Jelly Mix - XO's edit) expired
My edit of a lovely PSB song whipped into an aural soundscape by the band of Lemon Jelly hippies. There is a thread of synth carrying this that reminds me muchly of the opening M's Bedtime Story. You can't miss it. Clearly one for walking with an iPod.


Dan said...

My only real exposure to Bryan Ferry was the song "Kiss & Tell" which was on the Bright Lights, Big City soundtrack. I was always quite fond of that song - as I recall, it had a pretty cool video (that you probably can't find on YouTube any longer) >:(
I look forward to hearing this track.

As for Grace Jones - I never really got into her much, but I do remember her for "Slave To The Rhythm" as well as "I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You)"


countpopula said...

GOOD GOD, I had no idea Deadwood's Ian McShane did the spoken word on that! Totally makes sense now that I think of it. Gotta grab my copy & listen NOW!

Yuяi said...

I've always liked Ferry's "(Down in) Limbo", also on Bete Noir. "Slave to Love" is awesome and prob better than Limbo, IMHO. I agree with you guys, there are only certain songs that I really really like from Bryan, or Roxy Music for that matter.

Nice PSB mix! DEF can hear the Bedtime riff (sp?) there. Did you add it or was that part of the Lemony remix?

xolondon said...

When I call that XO's edit, I just mean that I lopped off bits of it from the beginning and end. It was much longer before, but more meandering.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I was hoping the Grace track was the overly bombastic synth version I have been looking everywhere for. It even has the spoken intro to it. The only copy I have is a cheap low quality copy.