March 19, 2007

Cover story: Bjork

Bjork v.07. The latest brilliance from the high priestess of
amazing album art. No one does it as well as she does. See the title?

Incredible hairpieces, lightly blushed skin, beautiful jewelry.
And titties.

Bjork erotica. Fucked by a swan. Rapture.

Constricted kimono, elaborate neckstretching.
Leia meets McQueen hair.

Bjork as letter. Beautiful and very Asian.

2 perfect gem tears and a mohair sweater make me violently happy.


The Richard said...

Every one a winner. She's absolutely brilliant. If only we knew what happened when it came to that Greatest Hits cover...

And! Hast thou seen? Popjustice has linked to you!

countpopula said...

Simply stunning. Always pushing forward, this one.

To echo RPC, why did Greatest Hits look so drab in comparison? Interesting art, but...

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the hi-res Volta photo from? Thanks.

xolondon said...

Stingo, see here:

Anonymous said...

Hi, the pic you show for the Volta cover... well it's not the official cover... trust me :)