March 31, 2007

2007 "Q1" Ooh the flossy flossy!

In alphabetical order, the Top 20 songs of the first quarter of 2007. A few rules: Do not have to be singles, but one song by each artist only (or else it would have been dominated by like 4 people) and songs must be officially released. The colored link will take you to a place you can hear the song... now's your chance to hear it!

Bloc Party I Still Remember
Boy George / Amanda Ghost Time Machine
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Catch You
Feist My Moon My Man
Fergie Glamorous shhhh
Ghosts Stay The Night
The Hours Ali In The Jungle
Just Jack Disco Friends
Klaxons Golden Skans
Damien Leith Night of My Life
Lucky Soul The Great Unwanted MP3
Katherine McPhee Everywhere You Go Kat wants u 2 buy it
Mika My Interpretation
Sarah Nixey Endless Circles
Pleasure Out Of Love
The Revelations If I Called You On The Telephone
Mark Ronson Stop Me
Tracey Thorn It's All True
WinterKids Who Am I Kidding
Patrick Wolf Augustine

Worthy albums thus far:
Tracey Thorn, The Hours, Sarah Nixey, Mr. Hudson And The Library, Lucky Soul, Patrick Wolf

What's coming: Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Ghosts, The Revealtions, Siobhan Donaghy, Feist, Bjork, Rufus Wainwright, Tori Amos, Mark Ronson, The Rosebuds

photo by
Hedi Slimane


Anonymous said...

Great list. There are a few songs I will have to seek out to take a listen to. Should the Mika track you have in the list be 'My Interpretation'?



xolondon said...

ooops. fixed!

The Richard said...

In addition to your new albums list, I just saw this.

However, as discussed back when you did your REM/Hall of Fame post, new material from them is always a bit of a worry.

What if it's "not as good" as 'Around the Sun'?

Poster Girl said...

My favorite song so far this year (and this breaks your rule of it being officially released already) has to be Sophie's "If You Go"--it makes me want to start throwing words like "sublime" around, but that makes it sound too...pretentious, or something.

The real reason for this, though, is that for a while now (maybe a week? I can't remember), when I use Firefox, the formatting here is a little...strange. For example, the white background that goes on top of the pink has disappeared (it comes back when I click on "Comments," though). It may just be my computer, which has been very slow lately, but it seems fine on Internet Explorer. Seeing as no one else has mentioned it, though (that I've noticed), it may, as I said, just be me.

Paul said...

i'm so thrilled to see Mr Hudson in your album list :) Hurrah! well done me ;) It's taken me a while to find you a good recommendation again! And I may totally borrow this idea if i have your permission to do so??

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Winterkids song 'Who Am I Kidding' could have come from the Captain cd, very similar sounding singers. Looks like I will have to try and find their cd Memoirs.



Phil said...

Fab list with some very XO curve balls... Fergie? Katherine McPhee? hehe.
Boy George, yay! Pleasure, yay! Tracey Thorn, yay! Sarah Nixey, nay!

Brittle said...

I like the idea of Sophie EB covering "My Man My Moon."

xolondon said...

Blogger is so FUCKED. I have fixed this post like 4 times and each time it screws up something else. But yes, SEB doing that song would be cute.

Aunt Phetamine said...

I have listened to nothing but "Life in Cartoon Motion" since last Tuesday. The cellos in "Any Other World" are heartbreaking and "Happy Ending" sums it all up for me.

As always,
Aunt Phetamine