December 31, 2006

XO's 2006 Superlatives: What was HOT

XO in Warholian replicate. Weird to see me?

Favorite Group: The Pipettes tied with Pet Shop Boys

Favorite Female Solo Artist: 3-way tie! Amy Winehouse, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lily Allen

Favorite Male Solo Artist: none!

Singing Voice Of The Year: Luke of The Kooks (male) and Lily Allen (female)

Favorite New Artists: The Upper Room (RIP), Lily Allen, The Pipettes, Captain, The Kooks, Hard-Fi, Camera Obscura (new to me!).

Artists Whose Labels Made It Impossible On Their Fans: Alexis Strum, The Modern (aka Matinee Club) and The Upper Room, who were all dropped too soon.

Album Cover(s) Of The Year: see here

Favorite Video(s): see here

Producer: Mark Ronson (see here)

Mashups Of The Year: Madonna vs. Death Cab Hung Up On Soul , The Supremes vs. Ultra Nate Free Love Child, Madonna vs. Trammps Music Inferno

Top B-sides and Remixes Of The Year: see here

My most popular post this year? Probably this one from April '06, complete with old photo de moi and weird tidbits about me.

2006 Annual Kylie Minogue Leaks (eww!) Award: On The Up and So High As usual Kylie discards are better than most pop songs by other artits, God bless her.

Albums / Artists I Liked That Were Near Impossible to Buy: West End Girls, Bertine Zetlitz, Katie Ryan, anything good by Robyn, Linda Sundblad

Artists Who Deserved Better in 2006: The Upper Room, Jamelia, Lorraine, Delays, Pink

Good Rock Stars This Year: Lily Allen, Faris Badwan (of The Horrors), Johnny Borrell (of Razorlight)

Sexiest Stars Of Music: Charlotte Gainsbourg and Ola Salo

Fave Viral Video: There were many but this recent one is also educational. I love how he cals Cheyenne "Cheney"! I cannot do this, btw...

Most Overated: Justin Timberlake. Runner-ups: Timbaland, Stefy, BWO (sorry gang!), Nelly Furtado

Best Imitations: Jessica Simpson’s uberMadge-y A Public Affair, The Upper Room sounding like The Lilac Time, Kate Havnevik sounding like Bjork and Imogen Heap.

Artists Whose Good Records Sadly Made Little Impact In 2006: Richard Ashcroft, Shawn Colvin, Lloyd Cole, Kelis, Prince, Morrissey, Badly Drawn Boy, Frank, Scissor Sisters (for me anyway).

Guilty Pleasure: Jessica Simpson’s ubergay A Public Affair

Best Lyrics Of The Year: The Pipettes “Magician Man” (lyrics by?), “Addicted” by Amy Winehouse, and “The Operation” by Charlotte Gainsbourg (lyrics by Jarvis Cocker)

Best Song Title: Luke Haines’ Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop

Chill Music Of The Year: Skye Edward’s beautiful album Mind How You Go– so low key that no one listened to it., but it’s very good. I should note that Morcheeba fans didn't like it much.

Best Comeback(s): Pet Shop Boys – it practically makes me cry. Some of the best music of their career, not to mention a zillion PSB products!

Artist Who Transcends Pop: Pink. We all thought she might be ovah when her last album didn't do well, but I'm Not Dead was a fantastic genre-popping record with great melodies and "blistering" vocals. Pink is one MTV artist I think should be heard by everyone. She's spunky, beautiful and very talented. I think she's in it for the long haul...

Live Show Of The Year: Arena: Madonna (MSG, NYC) / Mid size: Pet Shop Boys (DC, DAR Hall) / Club: Neko Case (9:30 Club, DC)


D'luv said...

1.You're such the reluctant hottie!

2. I feel so guilty after Paul and I goaded you into liking "A Public Affair" when you hesitated, and meanwhile I haven't listened to that harlot since August.

3. I'm not into BWO or Justin Timberlake either. I've had his album on my iPod since it came out, but I've never listened to it, and only check out the singles as they're released. I tried listening to that "Chop Me Up" song -- ugh.

4. You need to add another "l" to the word "call" in your Best Viral Video category.

That's all.

Adrian said...

This is all very interesting, but I'm drawn to the idea of 'over-rated'.

Once being over-rated referred to an act having praise heaped upon them by media and critics and maybe having more sales than their quality deserved.

But the acts you've chosen - and the implication with the 'sorry gang' message for BWO - is that they're over-rated by other fans, bloggers etc.

Presumably fans and bloggers just write about the bands they like, the music they like, so being Over-Rated in this way doesn't really apply.

Does this make sense?

xolondon said...

"Sorry gang" refers to the fact that many bloggers who read this really like BWO, so I didn't want to slam them. I was disappointed by their record, but many were not.

This is my list, so that category is what I-me-myself think has been overrated by anyone else, be it media, blogs, etc. Stuff we heard a lot about, but I felt was not all that worthy. So, yes, being overrated by Xolondon in Xolondon World does apply...right here.

D'luv said...

Bloggers are the media in the new millenium.

No need for the 'sorry gang.' Anytime you're going against the grain, you're doing something right.