December 21, 2006

Quote Of The Week

Thomas Friedman of the NYT, speaking on Meet the Press, 12/17/06:

Think of what happened this week. OK, Dick Cheney, the vice president, stood up at a massive farewell ceremony for, for Rumsfeld at the Pentagon and said he was the greatest secretary of defense in American history. Now, if that is true, either George Bush is a fool or Dick Cheney is a liar, all right? Because either George Bush just fired, at the height of a war - at the greatest national security threat of our country’s current era - the greatest secretary of defense in history, or Dick Cheney thinks we’re all walking around with a sign that says “Stupid” on it.

you can watch it at that link above

1 comment:

Poster Girl said...

Thomas Friedman does have a way with words, doesn't he? And framing issues. And he can work an analogy like just about no one else.