December 24, 2006

Pet Shop Boys in 2006: XO's Guide

Pet Shop Boys are my favorite pop act of 2006. I didn't expect it, but can you think of a group more worthy? They released their finest CD in over 10 years (my Album Of The Year), did a phenomenal tour, released an art book, DVD documentary, videos and passel of b-sides on singles. And they did it with the usual wit and elegance. Here is a list of some of my PSB reviews in 2006...

XO Reviews Integral, April 24, 2006

XO Reviews Minimal, April 27. 2006

XO Reviews The Sodom And Gomorrah Show

XO Reviews Fundamental, May 29, 2006

XO Reviews PSB Boys Live in Washington DC, October 15, 2006

Best PSB Fan site: Euphoric

picture courtesy of PSB site Pet Shop Boys Online

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D'luv said...

Ditto, but I think I beat you in the sheer number of posts on them. Those two really should have put us on the payroll. Cheapskates.