December 3, 2006

New for 2007: GoodBooks

The royal We at "Xolondon Towers" cream over good Russian avant-garde art direction, like the poster above, which is so very Franz. As for the music under the wrapping, you just never know who will assume the mantle of hot new British pop band. Cherubic, jaunty, melodic, retro in a good way, GoodBooks is the name and Leni is their first CD single, so get in on it from the beginning...

GoodBooks Leni video
GoodBooks Walk With Me video from their indie days
GoodBooks interview in a van video

Links: GoodBooks myspace and website. Buy it at Amazon UK. Per usual, thanks to Torr for the inspiration.


D'luv said...

Wonder where she's gonna shove that tree she's holding?

babs said...

It's quite pretty. And arty in the way that I like.