December 7, 2006

Let me tell you you're the sweetest thing

You need to do as I say and click on the picture above. Do it. Now.

Go away
Round the world
Talk to all
Kinds of girls
But it's me
You will find
In your mind
Tracey Thorn, It's All True


The Richard said...

Her voice. It's like a punch in the stomach. Like something you didn't realise how desperately you needed till you got it.

What a great track. Thank you.

Paul said...

and i've missed her. Like the desert missed the rain...
(see what i did there!)

Daft Monk said...

Love the song and thanks for the Tracy update. What's the point of being on myspace if you don't send a bulletin to your "friends" when you have a new song to listen to?

mike said...

mp3 posted on
thanks, xo!!!!