December 10, 2006

La Strum Noel

[ring ring]

Alexis Strum: Yes. Alexis.

Xolondon: La Strum!? I know you have, like, left the music business, but could you please, like, record a Christmas song to bring closure to this annus horribilis?

Alexis: XO, is it you? I love your work and the signed nude piccies you sent were hawt! You want what, peach?

XO: A wee Christmas tune. Something slightly...bitter? With penguins.

Alexis: Penguins, snow, Christmas, umm, lonesomeness? I am writing it as we speak darling, but only if you put me on your Essential Mix.

XO: You got it, Strumbird. Thankeeee. As our pal Paulie Z would say, I hope you have a delightfully delightful holiday! Buh bye!

Alexis: Peace out, bitch!

read my last "phone call" with Alexis here. Source Perez.


ADD said...

Ohmygah...seriously, the cuteness (and lack of scale) has me undone. I love how the one snowman is killed by something falling off a building. Snark!

trill42 said...

You said no Christmas songs! Liar! Liar! Bwahaha!

I liked the adorable widdle animals downing entire bottles of wine, and the line about how excited she is being sung in such a bloodless way.

xolondon said...

rules made = broken

trill42 said...

hrmm, good point. yet...

lies = baby jesus cry