December 1, 2006

The kewpie renegade brings it.

Popjustice boards are right about Robyn's new collaboration with Kleerup: With Every Heartbeat is one of the best pop songs of this short century. It's nothing short of majestic, mmmkay? You must HEAR IT NOW at KLEERUP's myspace. He is the man to watch in 2007.

Meanwhile, Robyn's version of Prince's Jack U Off, which sounds like it was recorded during prohibition, is the cutest (?) thing I've heard in ages. She has a wicked sense of humor. Hear it and the bitchin' Konichiwa Bitches at Robyn's myspace.

Read Robpop's review of Robyn's recent live show in London. Robpop is the Robyn scholar. Then get out yer plastic magic and buy Robyn's new Rakamonie EP.


D'luv said...

I think I dated the foppish boy in the pic above. But what does he have to do with Robyn???

mike said...

robyn is channeling some serious kate bush on that Kleerup song. love it.

Robpop said...

Robyn was amazing! Totally. I can't add anything more really. just amazing.