December 10, 2006

Green = music

Is it just me or does Lenny Kravitz's daughter (above) look just like her mother, the smokin' (NSFW) Lisa Bonet? Meanwhile, Lenny - who usually dates models Zoe's age - finally looks age appropriate.

Note that I updated the Best Videos of 2006 post below. I forgot one of the cleverest, by Jenny Lewis. Also check out my post below on Sarah Nixey of Black Box Recorder.

Ya'llz need to get over to PopMuse for a special Tracey Thorn exclusive. PopMuse rocks my cock!

Rumor: Deepest Blue will be doing new music. ??? In the meantime, check out singer Joel Edward's myspace for some elegant music, particularly Eve So Blue. His CD is out in 2007.

The kids over at Fetch Me Some Music were sharing Lindsay Lohan remixs and instrumentals. Have they no shame? No wonder it seems to have died. I am way too old for this shit.

Mrs. Xolondon, Angie Jolie, is on the new Vogue.

I love how talent-free Ashanti's new single is called My Lips Are Waiting. Ewwww!

Keeping up with Paul de Zappin's lifestyle posts, if you want to know how I will smell when you hug/ravage me at your holiday party this year, I will smell like Gucci Pour Homme (aka Gucci Gonad) or Hermes D'Orange Vert - I have worn these for years, except for 2002 when I wore Paul Smith that I got in Paris (always buy a cologne there that is not sold in the US!). It is important to smell nice when people hug you, but I personally don't wear cologne to work etc. Note that Amazon has great prices on scents.

KulPop has news on a Blue Nile February American Tour (Birchmere for locals!) and a remix of Tinselton In The Rain, one of XO's all-time favorite songs. I get misty hearing it.

Meanwhile I can also see Camera Obscura when they tour the US this January.

Be sure to read what Tremble Clef says about Linda Sundblad and her epic song Back In Time, which totally knocked Jamelia off my upcoming 2006 Essential Mix. he has the MP3 and he also links to Jessica's Stylus review of Sundblad's album.

While we're on Jessica at Dirrrty Pop, she has also - busy girl - started to count down her 25 Most Poptastic Songs Of 2006. I have been doing my lists all year, literally, in a Word file and will start posting them in a matter of days.

I love Paul's Holiday Diaries.

I highly recommened the new Freemasons / Siedah Garrett track Rain Down Love that The Eyepod is featuring.

Americans cannot afford a Popjustice tee-shirt! $36 plus shipping. Curse the weak dollar. (I expect some snark on this post, d'luv?)

Torr has a meandering new Moz b-side. 2006 was not really Annus Mozzerus, but he will have a song on my aforementioned Essential Mix.

Lycanthropy has a new Patrick Wolf song, Augustine. Not a studio version, but still new!

La Fleur has sadly not written the next Last Christmas. Why have I grown so weary of him? Read Chartrigger's new post about Band Aid and its history.

Did you notice that Imogen Heap up for Best New Artist at the Grammys? Wow! I mean, don't the Grammy's usually nominate people like, say, Pussyflap Trolls? Actually she is up against Carrie Underwood, Corinne Bailey Rae, James Blunt and the Usher-ripoff Chris Brown (who paid for that nom!?). Note that Immi told fans at a recent show that she's begun her next album. I suspect a few of the kids just expired right there from the excitement.

My Gwen Stefani review is in blogger limbo and may never see the light of day: it (the review) just doesn't pop. I give the album a 6/10 btw.

Lorraine's CD will likely by called Pop Noir. Good title boys, but let's see a release date before we start to drip with excitement.

Travis have well and truly disappeared. Would it hurt them to do a little update and say something like, "We broke up, dumb assholes!" or "Album in Spring"?

Finally, would someone fucking pickle Joanna Newsom for wearing this hat?


Samuel said...

What the fuck is that on her head!? Has she no shame!?

Nice album she has though, which I've only just started to get in to.

xolondon said...

I take it you mean the murderous Ms. Newsom? 1/3 of a very dead animal.

She's willfully weird and that bores me. She's just too damn Hype Machine, if you know what I mean. The whole indie machine is its own PR nightmare.

Samuel said...

Oh yeah - name - doh! I just thought she might have had a little more 'tact' than that.

Personally, only having just got in to her - the weirdness just draws me in, in what could be the complete opposite appeal of someone like Lily Allen.

D'luv said...

The daughter looks like she knows how to wear out knee pads.

xolondon said...

Well, you'd know, we've all seen your rugburned knees...

D'luv said...

No, my knees are usually in my ears, doll....

xolondon said...

We know about that too. We've all seen you on dudetube.

trill42 said...

I already called you a liar for saying you wouldn't post Christmas music, so [see above].

*Love the choice though*