December 9, 2006

2006: Videos Of The Year

1. The Pipettes: Pull Shapes

An homage to a scene in Russ Meyer's Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls movie. See original sequence here. Isn't this one of the most briliant video launches for a pop band ever? It is super cool, fits the song and it's also really funny. Horny kids should look for the naked lady bopping around randomly.

2. Bertine Zetlitz: 500

Chic and stalkeresque. Seems to me the launching point for this video is a line from the song: "You know I have been sweet on you forever / That's why I have been stealing all your stuff." It's nice to see a pop artist present an image of herself that is off-kilter. Bertine is not the ingenue in this video. She's the villain! Or maybe the bland blond model is the villain?

3. Nerina Pallot: Sophia

A very simple premise: girl at a her piano, on fire. Shot beautifully - there are some nice horizon shots of her sitting there, all aflame. I think that Nerina looks like a cross between a lost Minogue sister and Amy Acker, who played Fred on Angel. This is a beautiful song that I played on a loop one weekend I received some sad news about a death.

4. Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins: Rise Up With Fists!

Jenny Lewis, a former child actress, delivers a flawless performance in this Loretta Lynn / HeeHaw homage, with an intro by Sarah Silverman. A shout out to my friend Alison McCoy, who Jenny Lewis looks just like.

5. Lily Allen: Smile

God bless Lily Allen! She gets a lot of stick for her big gob, but she's come to save pop with British wit, intelligence, great tunes and original style. This video captures her wicked side quite well - love the laxatives bit! Message? Don't date Lily Allen, don't betray Lily Allen. Just dig her music. I love you Lily, please text me...

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Burn a Little Longer said...

Hiya XO!
Ttoby off Popjustice here. I just found your (rather cool) blog and you just had to go noticing the Nerina / Amy Acker resemblance! Buy yourself a medal and send me the bill.