December 15, 2006

2006: One Hit Only, One Hit Only!

I feel a bit cruel creating this list, but as usual, there were numerous cases in 2006 of artists who only created one song I liked. I'd get excited to hear their album and the find nothing else that popped. That is not to say these artists are one hit wonders don't have futures or that the CDs were not good... I just latched onto one track. Note that none of these made my "essential" mix, but I like them all a lot.

My Architects Under The Pines MP3 exp - gorgeous Britpop song
The Weepies The World Spins Madly On Veronica Mars video
Morningwood Nth Degree clever vinyl-lovin' video...
Le Sport Lovetrain In King's Cross MP3 exp
The Similou All This Love
Nighmare Of You I Want To Be Buried In Your Backyard
Clear Static Make-up Sex video
Peter, Bjorn And John Young Folks video - cute animation!
Jenny Lewis Rise Up With Fists! video
Ed Harcourt Revolution In The Heart video - anthemic!
Midlake Roscoe Fleetwood Mac-cy MP3 exp
DJ Shadow feat. Chris James You Made It MP3 exp- Coldplay ripoff
Luke Haines Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop video. Richard X production!
Jessica Simpson Public Affair shitty video that killed the song
Cassie Me & U Deep Throating song! Janet ripoff video
Javine (homewrecker!) Don’t Let The Morning Come video
Terri Walker I Don’t Care
Keisha White Don’t Mistake Me Brit soul video
Simon Webbe Sunshine (Love Like That) Brit soul MP3 exp

and who could forget...

Barbra Streisand Shut The Fuck Up MP3 exp

Coming this weekend: The Essential Mix...
my favorites that fit on an 80 min CDR


D'luv said...

Barb should be knighted for that song.

You'll be seeing couple of these popping up on lists elsewhere soon...

Paul said...

eee thats a reet good list aye tells thee. Who knew that morningwood would be so amazing then so rubbish so quickly. god mixing mars drinks with baileys is lethal :)

Dan said...

I do love that My Architects song - I'd not heard it until just now and I may have to check out the rest of the album. I know it might be the only good song, but you know.

And while I've listened to that Barbra song more times than I care to think about, its still f***ing genius.


countpopula said...

Love the Ed Harcourt & Luke Haines albums! Check em out! (You'd love Harcourt's "Rain on the Pretty Ones" and "You Only Call me When You're Drunk"--talk about tearjearkers!)

xolondon said...

You can probably get MA for a cheap now, Dan. I actually don't have any other MP3s though I do have MP4s somewhere in itunes.

Thanks for the info Count! I will look for those...

torr said...

so what you're saying is all the artists I blog about only have one good song, haha :-) Was "Revolution in My Heart" an aborted single? Odd that there's a video yet I swear a single was never released.

Zeon said...

I think two of the artists you listed do have some other equally good songs. Like Peter Bjorn And John's got Amsterdam and Jenny Lewis has Melt Your Heart...

Dan said...

I listened to some sound samples of My Architects on iTunes, and was distinctly unimpressed. So you're probably right, that was likely the only good song on there.


xolondon said...

I know - there were about 2 other decent tracks, but nothing sounded fully cooked. The songs were a bit underdeveloped (unlike the one on my list).