December 28, 2006

2006: Nobody but stars in here tonight

Top 10+1 B-sides
All of these tracks were superior to tracks that actually made their respective albums - and in most cases are single-worthy.

1) Magician Man The Pipettes
2) Spring Park Hotel Captain
3) Speeding Cars Imogen Heap
4) Undercover Nelly Furtado
5) My Needs Will Young
6) Nan You're A Window Shopper Lily Allen
7) Italian Girlfriend Lorraine
8) Absolute Power The Divine Comedy
9) Heartbreaker Pink
10) Boys Will Be Boys Goldfrapp
11) Thin Air Keane

Top 10 +1 Remixes
Note that the first two are light years ahead of the others in feeling my love. All these songs were on my anti-flab gym mixes... constantly. Freesmasons need to remix everything, especially all of Queen Luther's tracks. Their mixes lift me up and drop me off in heaven. I should also add that it's hard to listen to the originals after hearing such great mixes as these 11.

1) Shine (Freemasons Club Mix) Luther Vandross
2) I Feel It (Cicada Mix) Lorraine
3) Erotica / You Thrill Me (Stuart Price Tour Mix) Madonna
4) Strangelove (Lodge Mix) Sarah Nixey
5) Music Inferno (Stuart Price Tour Mix) Madonna
6) Judy (Blue States Mix) The Pipettes
7) The Stars Are Blind (Tracey Mixshow) Paris Hilton
8) When You Were Young (Jacques LuCont Mix) The Killers
9) Minimal (Love Mix and Telex Heaven Mix) PSB
10) Deja Vu (Freemasons Mix) Beyonce
11) Only One Too (Stonebridge remix) Jewel

Note that these mixes were discovered via bloggers like D'luv/Moogabear, Zeon and Arjan. Thank you to all of them...

Top 10+1 Late-to-the party tracks
Songs from other years that I either discovered late or kept playing well into '06. These are actually not in a any order...

1. Feist Mushaboom
2. Robyn O Baby
3. Death Cab Brothers On A Hotel Bed
4. Sugababes Ace Reject
5. Memphis Love Comes Quickly
6. Will Young All Time Love
7. Kurt Nilsen Weddings Off
8. June Tabor Hard Love
9. Claudia Brucken Lipstick Vogue
10. Bertine Zetlitz Girl Like You
11. Dannii Minogue You Won't Forget About Me

Saturday is my list of the Superlatives (best this'n'that) and that's the END of the lists for 2006! Hurrah!

photo courtesy of Hedi's blog


Daft Monk said...

Great list(s) but no PSB b-sides? "The Resurrectionist" and "Bright Young Things" both should have been on Fundamental and you seemed to like that a bit (as you should).

xolondon said...

I did like Resurrectionist, but it didn't make this list. I'm fickle!

torr said...

you left off Keane's "Let It Slide" which was the best b-side of the year! p.s. can I have an mp3 of that Lorraine track? The other b-side to "I Feel It" was nothing special.

lucas said...

xo! After you sent me "Night of My Life" I was wondering if you'd heard "Weddings Off" -- one of my all time favorite songs; I actually use it to warm before I sing! The guitar swirl sound that is in both of those songs reminds me of "Wrong Impression" by N. Imbruglia. Did you love that song, too? You freak me out. In a good way.

lucas said...

PS that memphis song is stunning. do they have an entire album yet?

Samuel said...

'Nan You're A Window Shopper' is just amazing. Possibly the best song on the soon to be American version of the album!