December 21, 2006

2006: The 26 Best POP TUNES

in no order, this is for hardcore pop fans only...

Alexis Strum Stay Until Summer
Pink Who Knew
Lorrain I Feel It (Cicada Mix)
Pet Shop Boys The Sodom And Gomorrah Show
The Feeling Never Be Lonely
The Pipettes Pull Shapes
Jessica Simpson Public Affair
Madonna Erotica / You Thrill Me
Frank Silence
West End Girls Suburbia
Jamelia Get Up Get Out
Bertzine Zetlitz 500
Linda Sundblad Back In Time
Lil Chris Gettin' Enough?
Gwen Stefani U Started It
Sugababes Easy
Laura Michelle Kelly There Was A Time
Janet Jackson Enjoy
Dannii Minogue So Under Pressure
Nelly Furtado Undercover
The Modern Industry
All Saints Headlock
Dangerous Muse The Rjeection
Bouncey Irreplaceable
Robbie Williams Lovelight
Cassie Me & U

picture courtesy of posthipster


PinkieDust said...

Lil Chris! I'm still loving Easy.

Paul said...

monsieur! Great list - check out mine later today!! Yay the feeling are making all sorts of year end lists :) Viva!

Adem With An E said...

I just love this time of year, I enjoy reading about people's end of year greats so much. So many on there that I've loved in '06, you've wondrous taste xo.

And a trip to America is on the cards... in 2009/2010! A long way off I know, but I at least now have a (rough) date...

The Richard said...

What a great list.

Someone sent me a studio MP3 of the Madonna track over the summer - it's surely her great lost masterpiece, an injustice somewhat rectified by performing it live and inclusion on the DVD in January.

Have a good one.

D'luv said...

Ooh, we've got some similaries on ours, I see.

D'luv said...

or even similarities....

xolondon said...

RPC, I really like your blog and will keep reading in 07..

D'luv, great minds think alike. Put up your list before you go off to your chalet, bitch!

D'luv said...

I was gonna wait till New Year's eve, like last year, but since everyone's shooting out their lists already, I had indeed decided to put mine up today.

Robpop said...

get 2 new robyn tracks at dstp!

countpopula said...

Maybe XO should be entrusted to make the NOW compilations. Much better choices overall, right?

Oh. It's Kristen Again. *sigh* said...

you really need to start listening to capsule. The new album fruits clipper (um, japanese anyone?) is PURE j-pop