November 12, 2006

The Unbearable Cuteness of Being


I am willing to go there and say that Kylie's wardrobe on her new tour is fucking tacky. See above for evidence or at the excellent Kylie Brasil.

Watch Bitchin' Gwen put together her album cover. New song samples too!

I had no idea Pete Doherty has a son. How truly sad. Maybe Madonna should adopt this bambino?

What shitstain decided to have Chris Cornell do the Bond Theme when clearly Amy Winehouse is your girl?

A very good piece on MP3 blogs from fellow Arlingtonian Ekko. It's a wake up call to the reality of being a blog star. It's about your MP3's.

Courtney Love's book is so well produced. Stylish and fun, but it lacks enough pictures (!) and text to explain what you are seeing, which is a collection of letters, notes, scribbles and memories. Do look at it in the store though. Read this New York Magazine review - it validates my opinion. Here also is a good piece in the Times Online (plus podcast!).

Album of the year headed your way?

I so want to like Beyonce. Her new single Irreplaceable (to the left, to the left) is quite good and I like her whole female band thing. I also like that she is bigbooty Beyonce again after starving herself for Dreamgirls. Still, I think her album (with a few exceptions) is "pants." She mistook screaming for expressing female rage. And her new sound? All Saints do it much better on their new track Hell No (see below).

Speaking of which, the All Saints album is surprisingly good, which means it will tank. Check out the Guardian review (4 stars) and this Times feature.

A group I have championed, Captain, did something shitty to their fans: They have a new single with 3 new songs spread over 3 formats: 1 CD and 2 7" singles. First, who buys vinyl anymore (?) and second, why only one song on each format? I refuse to even name the song, which is not a good choice. Did I mention there is no online option for the new songs? Planned obsolescence, Captain.

Where is Don't Stop The Pop? Where is Homoeclectic?

Hotel 2 plot proposal? Force stupid sorority girl tourists to listen to Belinda Carlisle covering Coldplay's The Scientist

Cute overload indeed. I want this kitten now.

Did you notice that Oxygen Chunks has temporarily shut down? The original creator does not like what it's become.

Will the CD die in the next 5 years? I say no. More at Kofi's Hat.

Jake Shears dislikes Heather Mills, as it should be.


Melody Club: Fever Fever: Catchy Tunes Of Sweden has this butt-shakin' new anthem (MP3). Arjan also wrote about MC this week.

All Saints: Hell No: Share Your Knowledge has this record. My fave on the CD is Headlock, but I think ya'lls should hear this one too.

Lil' Chris: Getting Enough: He's 16, but I thougth he was like 12. Still, he's a gas gas gas and Wongie has the new video


V said...

About vinyl - When I was in Englad in 2004, I was surprised to see that a lot of the record shops still stock vinyl and a lot of them were recent releases. So I think there are still a lot of people out there buying vinyls. Maybe not here in the U.S. but in other parts of the world. Still, it's comfort to me that they are still pressing them.

xolondon said...

You are totally right and I bet I'll get some stick on that comment, but for a new pop band to do vinyl, it makes no sense. For indie and older acts to do it is more logical.

D'luv said...

I loved that rant by Ekko. It's so true. I've put maybe 7 mp3s up on my blog over the past two years. That Barbra/STFU one got over a hundred downloads.

I dunno. If people are only coming to your site 'cause you put up mp3s, it's kinda like you're a drug dealer. They don't love you, just what you supply.

That said, if I get ONE MORE email from some label-seeking MySpace band asking to put up their mp3, I'm gonna start sending these folks to junk mail. Or Paul :-) (though Pablo, I can tell you're getting all the same emails)

Nick said...

I think when it comes to mp3 blogs, what really matters is what you post and why you post it.

There are so many mp3 blogs that post all the songs/albums by popular acts that everybody knows and is going to buy (or steal) anyway with maybe a few words or one sentence of description underneath them. So, in that sense those blogs are nothing more than pretty p2p websites.

Whereas what I try to do (as do a lot of others, I hope) is post things that people don't know about, bands that need the exposure, in the hope that somebody will fall in love with what they hear and be pointed towards an album that they would have never discovered otherwise. I don't know about the other mp3 bloggers out there, but I work hard at finding a lot of these bands because I've got pretty high standards for what goes on my blog. I hate to see some of these bloggers who just take whatever's out there (or whatever's popular at the time) and regurgitate it onto their blog.

Paul said...

Hmmm, kylie can do no wrong in my book even when she does look a mess :)

and i found the article interesting about bloggers. I must be doing something wrong because i never get sent cds or promotional swag :( I agree with nick that actually i put a lot of effort into my blog to make it wordy and hopefully people come to read it but if not and they just want the mp3s, they probably will have got them from somewhere else first, because i have! And because i'm tired and pissy tonight (stupid subtitles on Lion Witch and Wardrobe dvd wouldn't switch off!) i take exception to J'Ason's comment. Which is unlike me cos i'm usually v placid. I think i've had about 5 bands approach me asking to put music on my site and i've put one up - Uncle Seth cos i really liked their music. The other i really liked was Loto but Nick beat me to it so i didn't bother. I have a really good relationship with some other acts - simon curtis, jadion, switch 22, justin lanning - but i approached them not the other way round and they have been super nice in providing stuff for me. Probably cos i am genuinely enthusiastic about their music. Conor is another one and Lockdown. I am utterly addicted to myspace and constantly seek out new acts on there to feature to be writing about something different than everyone else. Having said all that i probably read too much into J'Ason's comment!

And Oxygen Chunks - i looked back at old posts after i read that and apart from the sentences being a few lines longer, i didn't really see a difference... god i'm an irritable fuck tonight...

D'luv said...

Meow! No worries, Pablo. Unless I'm dyslexic, you're very enthusiastic about MySpace bands, while I'm not too keen on them -- hence my comment. I don't think that there's anything to take exception to.

I get razzed daily for writing about JoJo, PSBs and especially dissing Girls Aloud, but I just take it as all in good humor.

xolondon said...

Everyone knows that blogges who comment on this blog, like D'luv, Paul and Nick take great care with their posts and try to make their blogs original /personal. Each blogger has his own "thing" that makes his blog distinctive.

I interpret what Ekko is saying as people getting excited by the number of hits they get and trying to keep that going by giving the masses what they want. That's with Trent at Pink has a fucking Titney post each day, bless him.

My blog is not a business- certainly not a business I want built on an illegal trade. What matters most are the people who actually take the time to interact with you, which is the point of blogging really. That's a MUCH smaller subset, along with the regular readers who prefer not to comment. If I consider all these people, it's probably under 25 people who consistently enjoy my blog.

The other thing of course is that you cannot really fault people for pillaging MP3s - which certain blogs have done! - when you are hawking "stolen goods" yourself. That's hypocritical.

Ekko is reminding everyone that the music blogsphere is built on spindly legs and I PROMISE the nonspecific "you" that when you receive a cease-and-desist letter or unwanted attention, it will make you question everything. It's something to consider each time you make a post with an MP3. What kind of attention is it going to attract and what will the ramifications of that be?

Paul said...

oh how mortifying - i was in a foul mood last night and poor J'Ason caught the brunt of it for some quite innocent comments! I'm sorry J'Ason - still love me?!

D'luv said...

Well, I'll still keep sleeping with you... and your husband... does that count as love?

xolondon said...

what is this, The Real World?

Mike said...

That is my favourite costume from the Kylie concert. The pic is a bit out of context as the segment is a nod to Andy Warhol and the factory - hence the fright wig and bizarrely dressed dancers!

PS. This blog is amazing. I must be one of your many, usually silent fans. It's great stuff!

countpopula said...

Thanks for the Kylie info--I am a devotee, and that new song sounds really great, although I can't wait to hear a proper studio version. Any idea when one may be released? I will also be picking up the All Saints CD, as the Appleton sisters disc from a couple years back is one of my favorite guilty pleasures discs of all time--some really great songs, great production, and surprisingly excellent singing. I actually began to think that Shaznay Lewis was not the most talented member of the group...I still think that.

As for Gwen, production credits show there's lots of Neptunes tracks, but I hope they're better than what Pharrell's been dishing out lately. I like Wind it up & the other bits I've heard, but I love what I heard of 4 in the Morning, and that's not Neptunes (Tony Kanal). Orange County Girl kicked ass live though--really one of the best things she's ever done! Can't wait!!!

Thanks for your always stimulating bits & bobs XO. I look forward to them every day!