November 26, 2006

This is just my heart laid bare

Major news! Ben Watt debuted a remix of the new Tracey Thorn single on his web radio this week. This is what Tracey says:

It will be available to listen to until Saturday, Dec 2nd, so you have a week. The track Ben played is actually a remix by Martin Buttrich of the first single, It's All True. It's a great mix, but not entirely representative of the style of the rest of the album, and the original version of the track is more in a mid-80's New York dance/pop kind of vibe....
How to hear it:

Go to BuzzinFlyRadio
Click on Part 1
Go to minute 11 (it runs until about min. 17)
It's a spare remix, but you can hear some lyrics


Out Of The Woods is out in March 2007 and the first word is that it's amazing. It's been about 7 years since her last full-length with EBTG. As a bonus to Tracey fans everywhere, below is a 3-min. mashup of EBTG and Kraftwerk by DJ Matt Hite of Beatmixed. You may also hear some Yes in there!

Kraftwerk vs. EBTG
Model Goes Missing exp

Read my earlier post with details about some of the new songs, including the single.


KulPop said...

Tracey Thorn is amazing. I saw EBTG doing an acoustic show once, super talents. Looking forward to the release of 'Out Of The Woods' in March.



V said...

Cool mix. Interesting how they mixed The Model into that song.

countpopula said...

One of my favorite singers EVER. Thanks so much for the news!

lucas said...

XO, can you hold me?

midnight lounge said...

How in this blog heaven have our paths not crossed before! I thought I was the only uber-fan of Ben & Tracey of the blogset!

Such exciting news, eh! I still can't take it all in; it's such a great track and oh-so refreshing to hear Tracey back in the studio.

March can't come soon enough!!

xolondon said...

Hi Mr. Midnight Lounge! I figured out even before I looked at your blog that it was a Jody reference. I LOVE her version of Borderline (and just bought her Chic cover). Keep reading...

Lucas, you're a bit of a minx, aren't you?

Matt said...

Thanks so much for featuring my mix on your blog. If you happen to like the EBTG mashup, make sure to visit my blog to check out other tracks:

Matt Hite
DJ / Remixer