November 29, 2006

This is a Barbara Mandrell Moment.

My friends tell me there's no future in lovin'
a married man...

Barbara Mandrell If Loving You Is Wrong exp

Have we discussed how much I love this song? How I used to walk around singing this at like 9 years old, having no idea what it meant? [say nothing cruel, please] It has that sort of cheesy, yet uber slinky 70's arrangement. You know, listen to it in a fern bar while drinking Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante. I love the part where she all but growls, "Am I wrong to hungah for the gentleness of your touch?" Barbara was known as a good girl type, but she had no problem interpreting this song as if it was backed by an orchestra of vibrating pussies.

Now, LeAnn Rimes has just covered it, but really, Barbara's version pisses all over LeAnn's tribute. The video above is a live 80's performance that's not quite as... craven... as the studio version. Please, everyone, click on the green arrow above and crank this tune. Cool people will gather in your office or cube and celebrate the swinger that you are.

Krissy, there is a reference to you above. We need a phone date.


D'luv said...

You had Babs Mandrell and I had Annie Lennox. We were destined to be z-grade, doll.

Brittle said...

The Mandrell song I used to walk around singing was "Sleeping Single In A Double Bed" (ooh ooh ooh!). Did I dream that that song would be MORE accurate now than it was back then (when I only had a single bed)? Sniff.

Oh well. At least nowadays I am, unto myself, a one-man orchestra of vibrating pussies.

Dan said...

I, too, recall "Sleeping Single In A Double Bed." I always thought it was funny becuase as a young kid, my bed WAS a double bed, so I took great pride in telling my relatives that I was just like that song! *cringes*


babs said...

I sort of remember these songs, but they didn't enter my head as much as yours as probably due to my slightly younger status. I do vividly remember the Mandrell variety show, or whatever it was called with Barbara and all her sisters whose names have slid out of my head right now. It was along the same variation as the Donny and Marie show, though more country and less-skit oriented, I think. It's been awhile. You and your "classic country" affection...:).