November 24, 2006

Reasons to be beautiful

Click on the pic for a new interview with Courtney Love
...a walking study in demonology.

PS: She reveals that she dated Gavin Rossdale for 8 mos in 1996.
See below for more Gwen vs. Courtney.


D'luv said...

You know, I told my friend The Duke this just the other week... she cleans up nice.

It's strange, because I'm a fiercely loyal Nirvana fan, and it's not cool to like Courtney, but I just find her kind of fascinating. I think it's probably her resiliance.

I'd recommend reading Heavier Than Heaven to anyone with an interest in Kurt and/or Courtney, or even the whole '90s music scene in America. There's tons of great info in there, including lots of behind the scenes stuff on MTV programming decisions during that time... Plus, it's really the only book on the subject that Courtney cooperated with and gave access to personal effects for.

xolondon said...

You probably know that I am a HUGE fan of Courtney's music. Live Through This is a SEMINAL album of the 90's and Celebrity Skin (where the above demonology quote comes from) is a great pop album. Love her lyrics, her voice and her energy.

She is really hyping this album, claiming there was a huge bidding war for it b/c it's that good, but I am wary. I do like pieces of her last CD, but overall the production was pants,as they say. Fingers crossed she is on my Best Of list for 2007. Far stranger things have happened.

Maybe I will get that book on interlibrary loan!

D'luv said...

I was working at the Doubletree Hotel in Pittsburgh -- my first job! (now I believe it's another chain that owns it, no longer Doubletree) -- in late summer of 1998, and one day on my break I walked to the comic book/music store around the corner, Eide's, and bought Celebrity Skin. There are indeed some classics on there, like "Boys On The Radio" and "Awful."

I also bought her solo album two and a half years ago. What a let down, overall. I did like that one song, about sitting on the Hollywood sign or whatever....