November 17, 2006

Oooh hooo witchy woman

Wow. Am I going to have to learn how to say her name?
That's quite a new song Siobhán Donaghy, with all the backwards vocals, etc.
Hair flyin' all around is the only kind of look for this song.
Somebody's been listening to Lionheart and Hounds Of Love!
Makes me kind of jizzy for the album next year.

Siobhán Donaghy:

Note that you can also stream her new single Don't Give It Up

Read more at Arjan and SparkPOP who posted earlier this week on Siobhán


D'luv said...

From Wikipedia (pretty interesting):

Former Bananarama and Shakespears Sister vocalist and songwriter Siobhan Fahey has confirmed on her website message board that she is working with Donaghy. In a post dated 13 August 2006, Fahey wrote, "[I] am doing a bit of writing at the moment for/with Siobhán Donaghy. Her voice is very beautiful and her new stuff sounds great. Shades of Liz Frazer, Kate Bush and Massive Attack. Right up my strasse. We got something good going. Hope you get to hear it.

Trasha said...

i love the name siobhan, for one. i LOVE her songs!!! not so much ghost, but "don't give it up" for sure...very kate-ish, which is why i like it. she's really brilliant--another great find, THANK YOU!!

Glenn Dunks said...

Yes! I heard "Ghosts" a couple of months back on her MySpace and thought it was brilliant. Instantly one of my top 5 songs of the year. I was surprised to find a copy of it on Limewire.