November 2, 2006

Let's exchange the Bilson experience

For those who watched The OC last night, here is the Placebo track that played throughout the show:

which is actually one of the Greatest Songs Ever Known To Humankind

Oh and did I mention that The Best Girl Ever Rachel Bilson was on? Because she was, talking about polar ice caps, saving the whole family and looking fantastic. Give a hoot, don't pollute!

The tunes:

Placebo Running Up That Hill
Kate Bush Running Up That Hill

Meanwhile here is a pic of ME, Xolondon, walking in LA (walking LA-eyh!) with La Bilson:

D'luv, would you like to say anything about this?


Paul said...

see XO - i told you you were a hottie. Remind me to tell you of my seth/ryan fantasy someday. it's pretty filthy.

i haven't downloaded the season 4 premiere yet - i am a bit over the OC but feel it may be its last season so will stick with it for now... its hard when there is much better stuff on tv though...

D'luv said...

Wow, you're more emo and Jewish than I remember! And, hey, skinny jeans are in... Of course, I'm walking around in my Borat thong now, so what do I know?