November 15, 2006

If I could escape

Sweet Escape full album teaser at NoDoubtWeb.
It's not a full hip hop record, thank God.

First impressions from the snippets...patchy record, just like LAMB:

Good: Sweet Escape, Wonderful Life, Early Winter (just a Keane song with Gwen singing!), Fluorescent, U Started It, 4 In The Morning, Now That You Got It
Tiresome: Wind It Up, OC Girl, Don't Get It Twisted, Yummy (Wind It Up has nothing on this shiteous track! Horrid lyrics. Gwen's nadir.)

Too much Neptunes. Let it go Gwen.


D'luv said...

She kinda looks like Aimee Mann during the 'Til Tuesday era there...

xolondon said...

I also think her face looks like Jorja Fox from CSI (Vegas) in that pic.

trill42 said...

I think she looks like she needed to put together a disguise quickly after committing a crime (to "escape")... The effect is really fake and cheap-looking, and not at all attractive IMO.