November 14, 2006

I had a little love, now I'm back for more

Okay, that new Baby Spice single is atrocious, testical shrinking dreck, but I am shocked by how decent some of the album tracks are. You can hear them on her website. Title track Life In Mono sounds like Emma's ode to Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain period (though we'll ignore the fact the original did too!). My overly-dramatic-pop-comment-of-the-day is that Emma is really the only Spice Girl who has carried herself with dignity and actual kindness - the only one who generates any sort of good will. Viva Baby.

Emma Bunton Life In Mono MP3 via Poptastic blog
Emma Bunton Spell It O-U-T my fave Emma song

I just noticed several other fine folks have posted on this topic. Sorreeee!


Paul said...

I do like ms Bunton - i thought her last album was sheer class fun genius, but hate downtown - worst children in need record since - well that Liberty X one last year. But i am utterly encouraged by the album tracks :)

DanProject76 said...

So she HAS nicked Life In Mono by Mono! Bah. Why can't these people get their own songs? Downtown? Christ! Just because it's for charity doesn't mean it has to be so poor! She's acquired good songs before and she needs the hits so I don't get it.