November 7, 2006

Election? Who cares! BRIT DUMPS K-FED!

Titney Spears, last night on Letterman. She has morphed into the old, cute Britney. Not that I am a fan mind you.

and YES, she's filed for divorce, according to CNN. Maybe she was inspired by Whitney? She is probably hoping the election dominates the news in America.


trill42 said...

Srsly? Thank goodness, because it's really time for him to move on and impregnate someone else a couple times. That doesn't take much time; he can fit it into his new rap superstar lifestyle.

(Divorce? Separation? Hoax? Hmm... Election Day would be a smart time to file, if she was really going to...)

D'luv said...

I believe his official nickname is now Fed Ex.

Paul said...

wait! Britney dumped Kevin! i was so hoping those two crazy kids would work it out. they are just adorable together. Dripping sarcasm doesn't come across well in comments does it? I jizzed dripping sarcasm all over you(r comments box!)

Let the emancipation of Bri Bri begin

(god i'm so high on painkillers right now!)