November 29, 2006

This is a Barbara Mandrell Moment.

My friends tell me there's no future in lovin'
a married man...

Barbara Mandrell If Loving You Is Wrong exp

Have we discussed how much I love this song? How I used to walk around singing this at like 9 years old, having no idea what it meant? [say nothing cruel, please] It has that sort of cheesy, yet uber slinky 70's arrangement. You know, listen to it in a fern bar while drinking Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante. I love the part where she all but growls, "Am I wrong to hungah for the gentleness of your touch?" Barbara was known as a good girl type, but she had no problem interpreting this song as if it was backed by an orchestra of vibrating pussies.

Now, LeAnn Rimes has just covered it, but really, Barbara's version pisses all over LeAnn's tribute. The video above is a live 80's performance that's not quite as... craven... as the studio version. Please, everyone, click on the green arrow above and crank this tune. Cool people will gather in your office or cube and celebrate the swinger that you are.

Krissy, there is a reference to you above. We need a phone date.

Review: Kate Havnevik's Melankton

What a beautiful album and, with no doubt, in my Top 10 of 2006. Kate Havnevik, who looks a bit like the other Kate in the photo above, is a 31 year old Norwegian singer/songwriter. Her first album, Melankton, which means black rose, was partly produced by Guy Sigsworth of Frou Frou fame (and producer of numerous great songs includng Madonna's What It Feels Like For A Girl). It's an album of moments. It's sweeping and intimate, glacial and warm. Here are some of the specific moments I like:

Unlike Me: The album opens with its grandest, most perfect song - the kind of tune Bjork abandoned a couple of albums ago. I cannot figure out the narrative of this song think you get it and the chorus twists it around with one line: Unlike you, I am not pretending.

Not Fair and You Again both sound ripped from a Frou Frou record. Catchy electronic pop music.

Travel In Time: the added track for the UK version has a delicate, girlish ambience. Ballerinas will dig it for the plucked strings, like The Nutcracker.

Kaleidoscope: Elegiac strings open this song, sure to be used in some funeral scene in a movie (though the song is jauntier that its intro). I also like the Nordic pronunciation - kalayydoscope.

Sleepless: The moment at 3:01 where the song sputters and comes apart like a hubcap rolling off a wheel, before glacial synths pull it back together.

Note that last week the prolific Kate (wiki) released a non-album song called So:Lo, a more guitar-based tune featured this year on Grey's Anatomy. The track will be officially released on a separate album in 2007. Kate is to Grey's as Imogen is to The O.C. - they use her music a lot, which is a fantastic way for these songs to get heard in this shitty age of music companies who have no idea how to promote a record. [ed note: It isn't really me who kills artists. It's suits with no taste and no marketing creativity.]

Kate Havnevik Sleepless exp
Kate Havnevik So:Lo exp

Kate Havnevik Unlike Me via her myspace page
Kate Havnevik Show Me Love from her forthcoming untitled album

Buy Melankton now on Amazon UK or iTunes USA

November 26, 2006

This is just my heart laid bare

Major news! Ben Watt debuted a remix of the new Tracey Thorn single on his web radio this week. This is what Tracey says:

It will be available to listen to until Saturday, Dec 2nd, so you have a week. The track Ben played is actually a remix by Martin Buttrich of the first single, It's All True. It's a great mix, but not entirely representative of the style of the rest of the album, and the original version of the track is more in a mid-80's New York dance/pop kind of vibe....
How to hear it:

Go to BuzzinFlyRadio
Click on Part 1
Go to minute 11 (it runs until about min. 17)
It's a spare remix, but you can hear some lyrics


Out Of The Woods is out in March 2007 and the first word is that it's amazing. It's been about 7 years since her last full-length with EBTG. As a bonus to Tracey fans everywhere, below is a 3-min. mashup of EBTG and Kraftwerk by DJ Matt Hite of Beatmixed. You may also hear some Yes in there!

Kraftwerk vs. EBTG
Model Goes Missing exp

Read my earlier post with details about some of the new songs, including the single.

There will be no falling snow on this blog.

Look! A male Scarlett Johansson! From Hedi's blog.

I am not featuring Christmas, but I'd like to boast that I bought all my Christmas cards Friday. Woot. Every year I vow not to do cards and every year I do. Anyway, some newsy bits and, at the bottom, some songs to try...

KulPop has a post on Thompson Twins complete with comment by moi that dates me a bit.

BopPop has the new Girls Aloud single cover.

Torr interviews Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy.

So Britney appears to be coming back. I am not a Britney fan. at. all. and have not blogged during a period where she was releasing music, so this oughtta be interesting. I think she's minimal on vocal talent, not so hot and truly lacking in grey cells. Having said that, if she comes out with a song as good as Toxic, I will give her credit. Stay tuned in 07!

SIART discusses the new Beatles album which fans are realllly jizzing over. Update! Chartrigger lurves it too.

I see that Morrissey just did his ONE American show for his tour. Thanks beeyotch! That album really tanked. I don't think it's terrible, but it's like Gwen, a half-n-halfer. Note that Moz will be doing an acoustic performance on Russell Brand (Courtney's new best friend!) on Dec. 1.

I have to say that there indeed some nice songs on the Take That reunion album. I may comment more later. Homoeclectic has some of the new tracks. I also like the All Saints CD: another sad case of musical success and chart disaster.

Lily Allen is totally, unequivocally right about NME being sexist. Now watch all the idiots call her a bitch. They'll buy right into the negative hype. Sure, she has a big mouth, but sorry, I'd take her brand of independence and forthrightness over the blandisms that most pop stars spew when they open their plastic gobs. Lily will be on my kickball team.

What does it say that Beyonce is taking the charts again with Irreplaceable, clearly the standout (and odd one out) on her screechy CD? Does it mean that the public prefers Bouncey doing pop music? IMO, it all comes down to one hook: to the left, to the left.

The public have certainly spoken on Janet Jackson's crap 20YO:
the album now sits on the Billboard Chart at 91 in its 8th week of release. A massive flop that Best Buy unloaded yestersday for $5.99. I wonder how the label will deal with this? Mark my words, Janet will manage to get out of her tour, unless she is really strapped for cash.

Matinee Club are streaming a new b-side called Teenage Drag on their myspace page. It's meh.

Dan (Iowa Dan vs. UK Dan) posts on one of my fave Stevie Nicks albums

The Wyckoff Correspondent got me tickets to Paul Weller's evening of Style Council songs in NYC this January. Expect some TSC posts in the New Year. I much teach the chillins about Mr. Weller.

Some tunes to expand your world:

Russian Futurists 2 Dots On A Map expired
Call it avant pop. I love this guy's mashup of sounds. Buy it on iTunes

Charlotte Gainsbourg Little Monsters expired
Again from one of '06's Top Ten, I love the phrase sincere imposter. Buy it

Jarvis Cocker Big Julie expired
Once again, Jarvis, who wrote most of Charlotte's lyrics, proves a brilliant lyricist. A Cocker classic. Buy it

November 24, 2006

Reasons to be beautiful

Click on the pic for a new interview with Courtney Love
...a walking study in demonology.

PS: She reveals that she dated Gavin Rossdale for 8 mos in 1996.
See below for more Gwen vs. Courtney.

When Courtney met Gwen

La Love on Mrs. Rossdale in the new Pop Magazine:

"Gwen is really light. But you know, we were once at SIR studios, and I was with Melissa and I was nude and Melissa was in her panties. And then Gwen walked in with a poodle and she said, 'You know, I've got this huge platform and I don't know what to say.' I said, 'I'll write your lyrics,' and she goes, 'What are you guys talking about?' And at that time Melissa was sleeping with a married man and I was sleeping with a married man, and she looked at us and said, 'You guys think I'm dumb, don't you?' And we were like 'No! No!' That was my one funny interaction with her. After she left, I said to Melissa, 'If we were in high school right now, you'd be in the art class, Gwen would be in the cheerleading squad and I'd be in detention.'"

So stars really talk this way? "I've got a huge platform..."? Jesus. Note that Gwen is on the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly. In it she finally addresses the Margaret Chos' accusation that her Harajuku Girls were an Asian "minstrel show." Cho's response is classic. That'll be on the blog soon! click here for more.

November 23, 2006

2007: The Return of Rufus

Rufus Wainwright is nearing completion (pun intended) on his new album Release The Stars. He just did an interview with Pitchfork in which he said,

I'm going to mix it in January and release it in the spring," he said. "I originally wanted it to be kind of bare, stripped down, and intimate. And it kind of became more dramatic. It's kind of huge, actually. It's kind of operatic. I produced it myself, so I went all-out a little bit."
Apparently the CD will have Joan As Police Woman and the British actress Sian Phillips guesting. Potential song titles include Tulsa and Nobody's Off the Hook.

Madge in London: XO's Commentary

It's Thanksgiving now and, at the grocery early this morning, a woman wished me a Happy Easter! I guess she's thinking ahead? The Macy's parade was just on and has such brilliant stars as Diana DeGarmo. Woot for the D Listers! Whatever, I have 4 days off, so I am a happy fool.

Some comments about the Madonna Confessions Tour on TV in America last night. The filmed version did a great job of capturing Madonna's best live show. I tend to forget that not everyone saw this tour (though they might as well have with youtube). Like the show itself, each song was filmed in a slightly different visual way. Some specifics:

- The sound was a little odd. She did sing live, but it didn't seem like it in this film, the vocals were so heavily processed. Whatever, it sounded great except for Erotica which seemed muffled.

- I didn't realize how much Donna Summer was included in Future Lovers. Did you notice how smiley she was during that bit? Like, "Oi! I'm on the tube!"

- Loved the way they shot her disappearing into the floor on Jump

- Some performances actually seemed better on film: You could really hear the Stuart Price version Like A Virgin and Isaac (which was cut a wee bit) seemed had more oomph with the camera directing what you should look at.

- My fave performance, Music was presented well (I thought they might fuck it up!). I liked the 70's split screen and they did a good job with M's big disco moment, the cutaways were pretty brief. Also loved the way they froze the rollerskaters midair in the final seconds.

- It was clear again how much she likes Cloud, the dancer. He was particularly prominent during Music. Longtime fans would hav eno clue that Donna DeLory was in that show though. I didn't see any lingering shots of her.

- Let It Will Be will surprise people who did not see the show live. The energy was there, though the edits didn't really allow you to see that she was constantly in motion during that song, writhing on her knees and flailing all around the catwalk.

- Sorry drew a huge response in NYC but you could not get the sense of that on TV with the crowd noise cut out. I think that song is a a;ready a classic.

- I still didn't like La Isla Bonita. I said it before that the definitive version of that song was done on the Drowned World Tour. She should have done something more surprising, like Open Your Heart or Borderline.

- The numbers cut were Lucky Star, Drowned World (sorry Jim!) and Paradise, along with various cool interludes, etc. DVD please.

- How could you miss the mucho Madonna ass shots? I laughed out loud at a fan comment about the Camel Toes Segment of the show (the Abba-tribute white/purple leotard).

- NBC, in classic style, bleeped her Suck George Bush's Dick! scream, but allowed the closeup of her saying it so you could read her lips.

All told, an excellent video. Much better than the weak Drowned World DVD.

November 22, 2006

Madonna Live Tonight!

Tonight is the show on NBC in America. If you did not see her live this summer,
WATCH. It's the her best live show.

Madonna Sorry (live interlude)

November 21, 2006

It will use the vocoder or it will get the hose

Creepy Xolondon collects blond Euro girls to make a human coat. He keeps them in a velvet-lined pit in his basement, where he forces them to record fabulous pop songs. Here are the results...
Note: now using FileDen! You can preview the song or right click on the title

Bertine Zetlitz / This Moment exp
I am a wee bit ambivalent on Bertine's recent CD. It is high quality pop, but aside from 2 or 3 songs, it doesn't really pop the way it should. The production is safe and very midtempo. It sounds as much like Fleetwood Mac as it does her own earlier work. Which is...fine, but she is sort of the Norwegian Queen isn't she?

Kate Ryan / All For You exp
A 26-year-old Belgian who looks closer to 40 in her publicity photos (except for the one above), Kate Ryan is the closest to those unknown American divas girls like Kristine W and Amber. Big throaty voice, solid production, not too faceless. This song sounds like something she snatched from Kylie.

Linda Sundblad / Lose You exp
Linda, a former rocker, has a new album that's a December surprise for pop music fans. This track has a Depeche Mode quality and is one of the softer tunes on the record. Note that Swedish belle Linda (website) wants to look like Bertine in her new Oh Father video (ie: scary) but she is also only 25. Grow those eyebrows back babe! Catchy Tunes Of Sweden has her finest song, Back In Time. Be sure to go there: it's a massive pop killer. Like me. Buy the CD

November 18, 2006

The Curse of Xolondon

To quote the tall scary man in Twin Peaks:
"It is happening again. It is happening again."*

...You cahn't kill kill kill them anymore, because The Upper Room are the latest XO-favored band to die die die. Band member Jim posted a note on their forum that implied a nasty breakup, but lead singer Alex is more coy on the topic. Whatever, I am gutted. Their ironically titled album Other People's Problems (buy it) will be on my Top Ten of 2006 and they won't even be able to toast this massive achievement! Break-ups hurt the kids, men.
Finest Moments: Black And White, All Over This Town

Let's take a look at some of the other artists I have killed with love over the years...

Alexis Strum: I first championed the beautiful La Strum in 2005 when she released her melancholy single Bad Haircut (below). Her completed CD, Cocoon, kept getting bumped by her label, as her first album did too, and Alexis finally parted ways with the company this year, album never to be released. While I think the CD need some tweaks (just to give it a few more up-tempos), the "oppression" of this album is a pop travesty of the highest order.
Finest Moments: Stay Until Summer, Bad Haircut

The Honeymoon: Boy/girl duo Wayne Murray and Thorunn Magnusdottir released the shimmery, melodic Dialogue (buy it for 89 pence!) in 2004. The album is like The Sundays with more pop sheen. It's beautiful stuff, but sold nada and they soon disbanded. Thorunn changed her name and joined Fields, while the talented Wayne is working on new projects. We may hear from the again, but I won't hold my breath.
Finest Moments: Passive Aggressive, Come Undone and watch a short film

Phil Campbell / White Buffalo: My favorite record of 1998 was Phil's Fresh New Life (buy it!) and it is still a mystery why the world does not know this man's name and voice. Only 20 when he recorded this album, he has continued to record on small labels - hard for Americanos like me to get ahold of his CDs. I urge you to listen to his...
Finest Moments: When This Is History, Evangeline

Rachel Stevens: Not only had Rachel released one (somewhat shiteous) album before I discovered her, she'd also had her highest charting song, the fizzy Some Girls (MP3). The turgidly titled Come And Get It (buy it!) is one of the finest dance pop records ever - it wiggles up there into the pantheon with Kylie and Madonna. And I love Rachel's voice too, haters. Still, l'amour d'XO was not enough and the record was hatched fully leaked and DOA. I hold hope for another album and I bet there will be...
Finest Moments: I Will Be There, Nothing Good About This Goodbye written by Alexis Strum!

I wrote earlier this year about the lovely Lamya, who deserved so much more in a world of faceless pop (I'm talking to you Ciara, Cassie, Rihanna, Miss Milian!). Candles are lit, sacrifices given to the gods, suited executives given head, all in hopes that we will hear full length releases from the two other bands I love, Lorraine and Matinee Club (shiteous new name of The Modern). I also hope that the epic Frou Frou makes another CD - I think that one is very possible.

So what does this all mean? That I should stop blogging!? I think NOT.

* I still get freaked out by that Twin Peaks scene. It was brilliant at the time and quite scary for TV.

C'mon let's bounce

Bitchin' Gwen's next single The Sweet Escape has leaked if you know where to look. I wonder if The Neptunes have some sort of contract clause that stipulates certain songs must be singles? Might that explain why the they chose the shitty Wind It Up over this one, produced by Akon? This track is different for Gwen and that would have been reason enough to release it as the first single. It's like True Blue if it were recorded by No Doubt.

Having heard the whole thing (versus the clip), I have to say I still like it a LOT, but the second verse is a bit wonky vocally.

It's very "joyous" though, and amusingly (to me) reminds me of how I talk to my tiny girl cat, Lucinda:

"Are you a sweet girl?"
"Are you being a bad girl?"

Lucinda being sweet

November 17, 2006

Cooler than the red dress

This is so much better than the shite video. It's the screens used on the tour (which airs on NBC on Wednesday night!). The audio is an alternate "tour" version (M4 below). I believe even the vocals are different.

Madonna Get Together (Tour Version) expired

NB Paul: Notice how I stole the idea (not text) for this post from Michel?

Oooh hooo witchy woman

Wow. Am I going to have to learn how to say her name?
That's quite a new song Siobhán Donaghy, with all the backwards vocals, etc.
Hair flyin' all around is the only kind of look for this song.
Somebody's been listening to Lionheart and Hounds Of Love!
Makes me kind of jizzy for the album next year.

Siobhán Donaghy:

Note that you can also stream her new single Don't Give It Up

Read more at Arjan and SparkPOP who posted earlier this week on Siobhán

Lick your lips as she soaks her feet

New Amy Winehouse video You Know That I'm No Good

November 16, 2006

Off topic: The Return of Edie Sedgwick

When I was growing up I was obsessed with Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick and I would just stare and stare at the picture above. I'm still not sure what attracted me to them, other than a fantasy of being in New York and being someone else. I was convinced for the longest time that I was going to grow up and meet Andy Warhol at, you know, The Factory, but then he died and that whole fantasy went with him.

If you're interested in Edie Sedgwick, you must read Jean Stein's amazing book Edie: An American Biography (it's since had a name change). It's told in brief narratives directly from the mouths of people who knew her.

Many of you will already know that Sienna Miller is playing her in a new movie called Factory Girl (preview below) that's been in the works for 20 years. Sienna looks just like Edie, but I'm never too hot on Brits playing Americans. Guy Pearce has Andy Warhol down, but Gayden Christensen is horribly miscast in a Dylan part - and there's no proof she ever had an affair with Dylan, by the way. So I will see the movie, but I hope it sinks fast if it stinks.

Edie only lived 28 years and her period with Warhol lasted just about a year, but her impact on pop culture (as a youthquaker and Warhol Superstar) was pretty vast. Let me end by saying that I was also convinced I would have a band called The Youthquakers. Be kind, I was very young....

update: the dorkus who posted this preview on Youtube thinks he owns it and won't allow embedding, so just double click on the screen below.

Buy Andy Warhol stuff for Christmas!

November 15, 2006

If I could escape

Sweet Escape full album teaser at NoDoubtWeb.
It's not a full hip hop record, thank God.

First impressions from the snippets...patchy record, just like LAMB:

Good: Sweet Escape, Wonderful Life, Early Winter (just a Keane song with Gwen singing!), Fluorescent, U Started It, 4 In The Morning, Now That You Got It
Tiresome: Wind It Up, OC Girl, Don't Get It Twisted, Yummy (Wind It Up has nothing on this shiteous track! Horrid lyrics. Gwen's nadir.)

Too much Neptunes. Let it go Gwen.

The 5th horseman of the apocalypse

Need I say anything more about how truly wrong this is?

November 14, 2006

I had a little love, now I'm back for more

Okay, that new Baby Spice single is atrocious, testical shrinking dreck, but I am shocked by how decent some of the album tracks are. You can hear them on her website. Title track Life In Mono sounds like Emma's ode to Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain period (though we'll ignore the fact the original did too!). My overly-dramatic-pop-comment-of-the-day is that Emma is really the only Spice Girl who has carried herself with dignity and actual kindness - the only one who generates any sort of good will. Viva Baby.

Emma Bunton Life In Mono MP3 via Poptastic blog
Emma Bunton Spell It O-U-T my fave Emma song

I just noticed several other fine folks have posted on this topic. Sorreeee!

"like a pure white diamond"

Take a look at
Listen to the new old Kylie track On The Up

November 12, 2006

The Unbearable Cuteness of Being


I am willing to go there and say that Kylie's wardrobe on her new tour is fucking tacky. See above for evidence or at the excellent Kylie Brasil.

Watch Bitchin' Gwen put together her album cover. New song samples too!

I had no idea Pete Doherty has a son. How truly sad. Maybe Madonna should adopt this bambino?

What shitstain decided to have Chris Cornell do the Bond Theme when clearly Amy Winehouse is your girl?

A very good piece on MP3 blogs from fellow Arlingtonian Ekko. It's a wake up call to the reality of being a blog star. It's about your MP3's.

Courtney Love's book is so well produced. Stylish and fun, but it lacks enough pictures (!) and text to explain what you are seeing, which is a collection of letters, notes, scribbles and memories. Do look at it in the store though. Read this New York Magazine review - it validates my opinion. Here also is a good piece in the Times Online (plus podcast!).

Album of the year headed your way?

I so want to like Beyonce. Her new single Irreplaceable (to the left, to the left) is quite good and I like her whole female band thing. I also like that she is bigbooty Beyonce again after starving herself for Dreamgirls. Still, I think her album (with a few exceptions) is "pants." She mistook screaming for expressing female rage. And her new sound? All Saints do it much better on their new track Hell No (see below).

Speaking of which, the All Saints album is surprisingly good, which means it will tank. Check out the Guardian review (4 stars) and this Times feature.

A group I have championed, Captain, did something shitty to their fans: They have a new single with 3 new songs spread over 3 formats: 1 CD and 2 7" singles. First, who buys vinyl anymore (?) and second, why only one song on each format? I refuse to even name the song, which is not a good choice. Did I mention there is no online option for the new songs? Planned obsolescence, Captain.

Where is Don't Stop The Pop? Where is Homoeclectic?

Hotel 2 plot proposal? Force stupid sorority girl tourists to listen to Belinda Carlisle covering Coldplay's The Scientist

Cute overload indeed. I want this kitten now.

Did you notice that Oxygen Chunks has temporarily shut down? The original creator does not like what it's become.

Will the CD die in the next 5 years? I say no. More at Kofi's Hat.

Jake Shears dislikes Heather Mills, as it should be.


Melody Club: Fever Fever: Catchy Tunes Of Sweden has this butt-shakin' new anthem (MP3). Arjan also wrote about MC this week.

All Saints: Hell No: Share Your Knowledge has this record. My fave on the CD is Headlock, but I think ya'lls should hear this one too.

Lil' Chris: Getting Enough: He's 16, but I thougth he was like 12. Still, he's a gas gas gas and Wongie has the new video

November 11, 2006

Oh to give you money

Smooth crooner, hip shaker, weed lovin' narcoleptic and self destruction artiste Jorge Miguel is about to expunge a needless cash cow hits record. I'd like to preview clips of the "new" tracks for you:

George Michael Heal The Pain (feat. Paul McCartney)
Very similar to the original, but it sounds a little busy on the chorus as he tries to squeeze in Macca. Sorry for the lack of more Paul on the clip. B

George Michael Understand
A raging electropop disco classic. Not. It sounds totally phoned in, though it's better than excrement like A Moment With You. Vaguely twangy at times. C

George Michael This Is Not Real Love (feat. Mutya)
I may be the only person in the world who actually likes this duet with my beloved Mutya Buena. Why all the hate? How is this song worse than any of his ballads? It takes a few listens though, I'll grant you that. Warning: the remix that's floating around is so shitty I deleted it midway through the first listen. A

George Michael An Easier Affair
This song got a lot of stick, especially for the lyrics in the first verse, but it's actually a classic GM pop song with a great chorus and a lovely coda at the end that seems to work well post-election: Don't let them tell you who you are is not enough. Don't let them tell you that it's wrong that you want my love. Note though that I still don't believe he's having so much fun. B+

Wham If You Were There
Not really a new track, but an album cut from Make It Big - I did actually! - that deserves a listen years later. B

...and this extra!

Tony Bennett w/GM How Do You Keep The Music Playing
The full horror, not a clip! Let's talk about this recent duet with Tony Bennett. It starts out nicely (despite being pure schmaltz), but deteriorates into a screeching piece of steaming bombast in the final mninute. Download it and listen to what happens at 4:30. Who told Tony this was a good idea? He cannot carry those notes and it's so inappropriate for the song. F

November 10, 2006

Gwen's yodelayheehoo video

The new Gwen Stefani video.
An insane mishmash of Sound Of Music, Gwen fashion, shitty Peggy Lee wigs, etc.
The childish rapping is embarrassing, but I like the logo and sewing bits.

The Sweet Escape (Dec 5) tracklisting:

1) Wind It Up - Produced by The Neptunes
2) The Sweet Escape featuring Akon - Produced by Akon
3) Orange County Girl - Produced by The Neptunes
4) Early Winter - Produced by Nellee Hooper, co-written by Tim Rice-Oxley of Keane
5) Now That You Got It - Produced by Swizz Beatz
6) 4 In The Morning - Produced by Tony Kanal
7) Yummy featuring Pharrell - Produced by The Neptunes
8) Fluorescent - Produced by Tony Kanal
9) Breakin’ Up - Produced by The Neptunes
10) Don’t Get It Twisted - Produced by Tony Kanal
11) U Started It - Produced by The Neptunes
12) Wonderful Life - Produced by Nellee Hooper, guitar by Martin Gore of Depeche Mode

Friday gift

Click on the photo to get an MP3 of the Girls doing Amy Winehouse's Rehab!
If that doesn't work anymore, try this.

For the political junkies

Oh, how this makes me laugh. You can watch a live video of it here. I hope that little girl grows up to be a lovely, happy Buddhist, with a black lesbian lover and a distaste for eating animals.

November 9, 2006

Just you wait till I get you home

Did you catch Pet Shop Boys on that dancing show? Here they are. It's a little dull really, but I'd rather see them than, you know, Jojo! We eagerly await Chartrigger's take on their LA shows. In the meantime, here is the cool (and much better) live version of West End Girls, from their new live record, Concrete...

Pet Shop Boys West End Girls

November 8, 2006

Post election: Rise up!!

Stephen Colbert once said "Reality has a well-known liberal bias." How true, as we saw last night. Democrats rule! Literally! The results were so much better than anyone expected and now we’ll see reasonable immigration efforts and a decent minimum wage. The quality of life in America for people making minimum wage is horrible and it clearly takes a Democrat to recognize and deal with that!

Then, of course, there is the fantastic flame-out of Donald Rumsfeld, a man whose name will be synonymous with evil in future history books. I think he is a truly dangerous person, certainly for our troops with his inept (or nonexistent) Iraq plan. I know what I’ll be thankful for this Thanksgiving: that Rummy, Rick Santorum, Bob Erlich, and George Allen are gone gone gone! It’s like a fantasy.

Sadly, America – with the inexplicable exception of Arizona, a well-known hate state – chose in several states to sanction bigotry by voting for amendments that not only prohibit gay marriage, but in many cases make illegal any sort of civil union. I've said it before and I’ll say it again: these amendments are an attack on the modern American family. Fundamentalist leaders know full well that gay people have nothing to do with the sorry state of marriage (see Britney Spears for that) – the right-wingers use that as a smoke screen for their hate and fear. It will come back on them one day.

Flag photo by Robert Mapplethorpe

November 7, 2006

Election? Who cares! BRIT DUMPS K-FED!

Titney Spears, last night on Letterman. She has morphed into the old, cute Britney. Not that I am a fan mind you.

and YES, she's filed for divorce, according to CNN. Maybe she was inspired by Whitney? She is probably hoping the election dominates the news in America.

Faith Hill Diva Strop!

I love watching this! One has to assume she was kidding.
Not sure why she didn't say that in her statement today.

November 6, 2006

Things start to happen again

Patrick Wolf has contributed a new song to a Beach Boys tribute record. He does I Just Wasn't Made For These Times. It's unlike any other Patrick vocal I have heard - he sings in a big way.

Hear 1-min. sample via
WMA or MP3

Buy Do It Again: A Tribute To Pet Sounds

Life Cycle of an Indie Pop Star

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November 5, 2006

Politics: The meek shall inherit the Earth. Tuesday.

I need to vent! America is in the final hours of an election showdown between Democrats and Republicans. Some commentary:

I live in a state with one of the closest Senate races and the TV ads have become unbearable. In Virginia, it's sadly the case of voting between the lesser of two evils, though I have no clue why anyone would ever cast a vote for smug, condescending George Allen, a man who loved to the spew the nigger word well into his twenties. People come from small-minded backgrounds, yes, but he was educated enough by that point to know better. Watch Allen in action oy

John Kerry jumped the shark last week. Muzzle him! What he meant to say was that George Bush's lack of intelligence got us into this mess, not that the troops are stupid. He didn't articulate it well. The President then seized on this when anybody with a brain knows that Kerry was not saying. Watch Jon Stewart's funny piece on this and read what Thomas Friedman of the NY Times said about thinks:

Every time you hear Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney lash out against Mr. Kerry, I hope you will say to yourself, ''They must think I'm stupid.'' Because they surely do. They think that they can get you to overlook all of the Bush team's real and deadly insults to the U.S. military over the past six years by hyping and exaggerating Mr. Kerry's mangled gibe at the president.

- The New York Times, November 3, 2006, Thomas Friedman

Watch Friedman discussing terror / Iraq. [recommened!] Smart man!

Rush Limbaugh apparently feels he isn't going to hell fast enough, so he's fast-tracking it. He accused Michael J. Fox (who is like some Americana favorite son here) of not taking his meds for a commerical regarding stem cell research. Regardless, would that not be the point, to show the true effects of Parkinson's? And this criticism from a well-known drug abuser? Watch the video above for an amazing report. My God!

It would be quite easy to ignore Limbaugh, to dismiss what he and other right wing imperialists say as inane drivel, but a large number of bored, ignorant Americans accept what the man says as fact because 1) they cannot form their own coherent opinions and 2) he gives voice to their most nihilistic, selfish thoughts. He validates their own bigotry and white male oppression in a way they cannot... quite... spit.. out.

Buhbye bigot! Among the incumbants going down down down, thank God, is the great American bigot Rick Santorum. Watch this insane campaign ad. You know he's in trouble when he does a commerical touting his relationship with Hilary Clinton!

Finally a massive kick in the butt of Brandon LaFleur for this recent quote about Green Day...

"You have Green Day and 'American Idiot'. Where do they film their DVD? In England. A bunch of kids screaming 'I don't want to be an American idiot' I saw it as a very negative thing towards Americans. It really lit a fire in me....You have the right to say what you want to say and what you want to write about, and I'm sure they meant it in the same way that Bruce Springsteen meant 'Born In The USA' and it was taken wrongly, but I was really offended when I saw them do that."

Should they just shut up and sing, Brandon? Recently the insecure La Fleur has become a Kanye-esque bigmouth. Bling has turned this guy into a bully. Maybe he should learn something from his idol du jour, the always graceful Springsteen. La Fluer is one of those boys who thinks he's smarter - or more everything - than he actually is. Of course, he too is entitled to say / think what he wants. O blessed irony!

This is not the last you will hear from me on politics this week, but for now back to pop!

November 4, 2006

The buildup to Sweet Escape starts now!

Click on the pic to watch Bitchin Gwen recording
her new ballad 4 In The Morning

Mark Owen: Backflips and tambourines

Here's what I said in my recent pseudonymed Stylus review of
Take That's new song Patience (vid):

Can a voice sound auto-tuned and organic in the same instant? “Patience” is not so much a Take That comeback as a solo track by the “big-boned” Take Thatter that Robbie wronged (Gary Barlow). It’s catchy in a power ballad kind of way, but sadly makes me wonder how Barlow will one day hit the high chorus notes, at the age of 50, on their umpteenth reunion tour. Missing in action is the croaky-but-clever voice of underrated Mark Owen.

It is true, the talented one in the group is 34 yo Mark Owen. His 2005 Believe In The Boogie single (about Robbie? Gary?) was one of the best Britpop songs of the last two years. Produced by Tony Hoffer of Beck, Phoenix, and Air fame, it highlighted his distinctive voice and a sensibility that weds indie and pop; that track is a perfect merging of both. [2005 interview]

If yoy've not heard this song, watch the (jerky) video below. He may sound odd at first, but watch it through the stomper of a chorus. It's a great song - you just have to get used to his voice.

Now, recently Mark has looked kind of... old. As in old Eastern European crone pushing her groceries home in a cart. So the Attitude pics are a bit of a relief. The whole Take That reunion seems to be done with a fairly high standard of quality. I am not a TT fan really, but I am paying some attention.

Here is Mark's greatest single and its lovely b-side:

Mark Owen Believe In The Boogie
Mark Owen Makin' Out (acoustic) and the original video

Fnally, bravo to "Little Markie" for not flinching at Attitude's comment about his glittering contribution to faggotry! Watch their now shocking fagtastic video for Do What You Like at PopMuse. Also witness a girl fan's video of him at a signing. He has good teeth.

pics courtesy of Littlesista at the Take That Fan Community

November 3, 2006

She has confidence in... she.

If you, like, wanna, like, buy the Gwen Stefani yodelaayheehoo single, you can, like, do that now, here.

Or save yo'self the billies and watch this video:

November 2, 2006

Let's exchange the Bilson experience

For those who watched The OC last night, here is the Placebo track that played throughout the show:

which is actually one of the Greatest Songs Ever Known To Humankind

Oh and did I mention that The Best Girl Ever Rachel Bilson was on? Because she was, talking about polar ice caps, saving the whole family and looking fantastic. Give a hoot, don't pollute!

The tunes:

Placebo Running Up That Hill
Kate Bush Running Up That Hill

Meanwhile here is a pic of ME, Xolondon, walking in LA (walking LA-eyh!) with La Bilson:

D'luv, would you like to say anything about this?

Quote Of The Week

From the Village Voice, Oct 31, Cred Sheet by Rob Harvilla

John Legend's sadly toothless r&b-lite jamz on Once Again. Like awkward, tepid, deeply unsatisfying sex in a Starbucks bathroom.

Really, why bother to continue writing this blog when someone else writes so well?

This photo is here because...

... I cannot bear for anyone to click on this blog and
see a photo of McFly. Carry on.

November 1, 2006

Word Of the Day: Puerile

My trolls knows that I love to read Heat Magazine every week, which means my budget for this magazine is approximately 275 dollars per year [oy]. I may have never seen Pete and Nikki, or Chantelle and Preston, but hey, I know who they are and how big their dicks are, etc. Anyway, last week's Heat had an interview with McFly, whom I have also never heard, but seen pictures of taking off their clothes at G-A-Y., etc. Here is a choice bit of the interview that I know my gutter scraping readers will enjoy...

Did the rest of you trim (your pubic hair) specially?
Danny: I do mine anyway.
Harry: Dougie hasn't got any pubs.
Tom: I don't have special razor so I can't do mine. [To Danny] You can't do it with a normal razor can you?
Danny: I use hair trimmer.
Tom: I haven't got one.

Why don't you borrow Danny's?
Tom: I did once. Danny shaves his nipple hair as well.
Danny: My nipple hair is out of control. [Lifts up his shirt and pulls at his nipple hair]
Harry: [Lifting up his shirt again and stroking his hairy chest] Mmmm.. Mine is much better.

Danny, maybe you could hold some kind of razor trimming masterclass for the others?
Harry: You could open a little body hair salon.
Danny: I'd like do some lightning strokes on mine.

Who's got the biggest willy?
[Nervous laughter]
Danny: [Grabs his crotch] Me, without a doubt.
Harry: I don't think we've ever stood in a circle and measured.

Isn't that what boys do?
Tom: You don't measure, you just say things like, "Look at this weird lump on mine."
Dougie: We know what each other's bumholes look like though. Harry's is like a foetus.

Right. How rock and roll are you?
Harry: We're totally rock and roll

Trivia question: McFly is named after an American movie. Can you name the movie AND another band named after the same film?

Okay, I just listened to McFly and hope never to do so again.