October 9, 2006

The Sound Of An Album Cover v.3

I start with this because I love her and the CD has been cancelled.

This picture is bigger because this will be my Cover Of The Year!

Love it, love it, love it. Travis did something similar, but this is better.

He's just ordinary music, but I love the 70's NYC vibe.

Wow. Can the sounds live up to this? Maybe yes!


babs said...

the first looks a bit like an urban outfitter ad or display, where I just was this weekend. Maybe heresy, don't know. I like the European one, the Changes, d'you know where it's located? I'm a sucker for a pretty locale.

xolondon said...

Good call on the Alexis Strum cover Barbara! That is very true.

I believe The Changes (maybe they should be called The Menopause?) is Amsterdam.